Uniquely Us: Understanding Race & Building Unity

Uniquely Us: Understanding Race And Building Unity

Uniquely Us: Understanding Race and Building Unity

January 15 - April 3 

The DoSeum is proud to present “Uniquely Us: Understanding Race and Building Unity”, a community-designed, hands-on exhibition for learners of all ages.

Did you know children develop a preference for faces that look like their caregivers as early as six months old? That is why it’s never too early to talk about who we are, how we experience the world around us, and the ways experiences differ from person to person.

Developed in response to families asking The DoSeum for childhood-age resources on race and racism, Uniquely Us explores what it means to be you and me. Uniquely Us presents concepts like race and equity in ways that every learner can understand.

The DoSeum is uniquely equipped to support families ready to take on these tough topics. Play-based learning, the gold standard in childhood education and the foundation of The DoSeum Experience, is not limited to supporting math and reading skills. Play allows children to explore new ideas, perspectives, and even social roles in a safe, empathetic way.

When families visit Uniquely Us, concepts like race and equity are able to be discovered at a level comfortable to the caregiver. Caregivers are supported with examples, resources, and takeaways designed to keep the conversation going as much as they desire, long after their visit to The DoSeum.

Uniquely Us: Understanding Race and Building Unity will be available to experience from January 15 – April 13, 2022.

Continuing The Conversation

Continue exploring the new ideas and perspectives you've taken away from Uniquely Us with family and caregiver resources curated by The DoSeum and our partners.

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The DoSeum is proud to present Uniquely Us, read more in our Position Statment.  

Our Partners

To create this exhibition, we had continuous community feedback through Community Conversation sessions. We also worked with several partners in the fields of social justice, history, and education.

Special thanks to our primary community partners:

City Education Partners | UTSA African American StudiesUTSA Race, Ethnicity, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Special thanks to our Sponsor