Summer Camps

Summer Camps

2019 Summer Camps

June 3 - August 16:  Registration NOW OPEN

The DoSeum’s Summer Camps are back!  Kids will explore exciting new STEM and art concepts, learn to innovate, create, and solve problems—all while having fun!  This summer, we'll introduce our NEW MASTER camps.  Register early, our camps always sell out!


Summer Camps

DoSeum News hounds | Ages 5-7 

This just in! Become a reporter in the digital age. Kids will practice using digital media to create their own digital newsletter, illustrations, and videos. They will hone their investigating and interviewing chops. Plus, learn about eco-friendly engineering and gain an appreciation of environmental stewardship. As a culminating project, Doers will take a field trip to the University of the Incarnate Word Solar House to see first-hand and interview UIW engineers and architects.

This program is great for building social skills and writing, processing, and video practice.

Planes, Trollies, and Food Trucks | Ages 3-4 

Exploring through play, campers will use Little Town and our summer exhibit Going Places to investigate different modes of transportation and how they are used to get from place to place. They will discover different jobs on planes, trolleys, and food trucks, and draw on their creative skills to imagine future modes of transportation. Finally, campers will work together to build a class train, with each child creating their own boxcar.

This camp is great for little ones to practice social-emotional competency and collaboration.

I Am Art! | Ages 3-4 

Campers will be introduced to several artistic forms of expression and practice literacy. Each day we’ll work on a new piece of art (for example: abstract self-portrait, marble painting, and texture painting), and use art to talk about color mixing, shapes, patterns, different mediums, and feelings. Throughout camp, we’ll incorporate well-known and age-appropriate authors and illustrators into our discussion to understand different forms of self-expression. At the end of camp, kids take home a complete art portfolio titled Me, Myself, and I.

Bridge It | Ages 3-4 

Put on your engineering hat—we have a bridge to build! Campers will work together to construct the strongest, longest, and tallest bridges possible. First, we’ll study different types of bridges and use inquiry skills to understand what makes a sturdy bridge. Then campers will use basic engineering skills at The DoSeum’s Innovation Station to test their bridge’s mettle! They will take home knowledge of working on a team, using recycled materials, engineering, and of course, what makes a good bridge.

How Does Your Garden Grow? | Ages 3-4 

Tending a garden is a lesson in many skills, especially for young ones. In this camp, we’ll focus on fine motor skills, plant vocabulary, and community building through garden activities. We’ll explore different garden mediums in The DoSeum, and learn about vegetable, flower, hydroponic and vertical gardens. Campers will expand their vocabulary through read-aloud and discussion. At the end of the camp, children will take home their personal herb garden.

H2O Let’s Go! | Ages 3-4 

Take a deep dive into water with this hands-on camp. Campers will explore the different properties of water through various scientific investigations and inquiry, discover concepts of density through sinking and floating, and learn about the need to conserve water. We’ll also engage in the Water Works gallery to discover water’s power and have plenty of opportunity for playing while learning. This is a quenching summer camp!

DIY Play Dough | Ages 5-7 

Just like the main character in Michelle’s MVP Award, chemical engineers follow recipes during their design process. In DIY Play Dough, campers will learn about Michelle, the girl who figures out a better way to make the classic childhood toy—play dough. Activities in this camp reinforce scientific concepts like solid and liquid as kids explore the properties of different materials. The final challenge? To design and engineer a process for making their best play dough!

A Shocking Good Time! | Ages 8-11 

How would you design an alarm system? This camp will get students thinking like electrical engineers as they read A Reminder for Emily, a storybook about a girl living in the Australian outback who needs an alarm to remind her when it’s time for chores on the ranch. Hands-on activities will teach science concepts like conductors and insulators, schematic diagrams, and circuits. Kids will eventually plan, create, engineer, and improve their own alarm system.

Sound Science | Ages 8-11 

This camp illuminates the study of sound. In the storybook Kwame’s Sound, a young drummer from Ghana is blind and his father, an acoustical engineer, shows Kwame that sound is waves and can be represented visually and through touch. Hands-on activities lead kids to explore the properties of pitch and volume, explore ways to dampen sound, develop their own way to represent key components of sound and, of course, make their own instruments!

Take the Plunge | Ages 5-7 

Scientists use robotic submersibles—remote-controlled underwater vessels—to study the ocean. This camp will introduce kids to the field of ocean engineering through the storybook Despina Makes a Splash, about a girl in Greece who designs a submersible to find her lost diving goggles. Campers will learn about sounding poles and sonar and apply their knowledge of density, floating, and sinking to design their own submarine to retrieve items from a model ocean floor.

Laser Focus | Ages 8-11 

Kids will engage in the production, perception, and reflection process to create great works of art, all the while learning how to use craft tools and machinery. Campers will learn to safely operate a shredder, injection mold, compressor, glue gun, sanding machine, permanent paints and laser cutter to create items from recycled materials. They’ll apply their new knowledge of tools to successfully design and execute art projects.

Rolling R Time | Ages 5-6 

Kids will engage in the production, perception, and reflection process to create recycled and upcycled pieces of art. Looking through the lens of the 5 Rs of Sustainability (refuse, reduce, reuse, repurpose, and recycle), campers will learn how to make art from seemingly uninteresting household items. They will see and experience using a shredder, injection mold, and a compressor to prepare new products from a plastic processing machine. We’ll focus on making 3 artworks for kids to take home.

Painter Passions | Ages 8-11 

Engaging in the production, perception, and reflection process, campers will understand different types of paints and painting styles. They’ll use more advanced materials, such as oil paint, to create great works of art and work closely with a professional Teaching Artists on a variety of projects. Campers will produce 3 canvas pieces and 3 other styles and mediums. This program is a must for a budding artist interested in learning and practicing in a studio art setting.

Paintbrush Pictures | Ages 5-7 

Engaging in the production, perception, and reflection process, campers will understand different types of paints and painting styles. They’ll use different materials to create great works of art and work closely with a professional Teaching Artist on a variety of projects. Campers will produce 3 pieces, diverse in style and medium. This program is a must for the young artist interested in learning and practicing in a studio art setting.

Outdoor Explorers | Ages 5-7 

Take a ride on the wild side! In Outdoor Explorers, campers breath fresh air getting back in touch with the Earth and its creatures. Your explorer will be introduced to the tools of investigation, and they will have hands-on experiences in observation, journaling, collection and identification of specimens, and recognizing patterns in the natural world. Get ready to get your hands dirty!

This camp is great for learning investigation and reasoning skills, tool use and safety, pattern recognition, and appreciation of nature.

Map Makers | Ages 5-7 

Earth is a mighty big place! Complementing our summer exhibition Going Places, Map Makers will introduce campers to the fundamentals of mapping our planet and its many places. From math skills to artistry, your junior cartographer will learn and master a wide range of skills needed to understand and make maps.

This camp is great for math-related skills, concepts of scale, creating and understanding symbols, and artistic expression.

Let's Make a Museum! | Ages 5-7 

What does it take to make a museum? Let’s Make a Museum will introduce campers to the many facets of museology. From designing dioramas to making murals, your junior curator will discover the ins and outs of the museum world. With hands-on activities and behind-the-scenes tours of The DoSeum, they’ll see and experience the many, many talents needed to make a museum run!

This camp is great for tool use and safety, literacy, team building, and artistic expression. It will culminate with a showcase of camper-created displays!

How Does a Boat Float? | Ages 5-6 

Why do steel boats float but bars of steel sink? Why are the bottoms of some boats V-shaped and others flat? Campers will explore these questions by making all sorts of water-worthy vessels. They’ll also engage in fun activities that teach scientific concepts like density and friction. At the end of the week, we will host a Boating Rally where caregivers are invited to The DoSeum to enjoy some outdoor fun and see what their young shipwrights created.

Circuit Boats | Ages 8-11 

All the fun of our How Does a Boat Float? camp but this time with an added layer of challenge: circuit boards! In this camp, kids will create boats that can be remote-controlled from scratch. Your child will learn how to program, solder, and waterproof the onboard electronics while designing boats to accomplish various nautical challenges. At the end of the week, we will host a Boating Rally where caregivers are invited to The DoSeum to enjoy some outdoor fun and see what their young boat-techs created.


Master Camps

3D Digital Designers | Ages 6-8 

This camp will teach students everything they need to know to enter the world of 3D printing. Campers will learn to use three free modeling softwares: 3D Slash, MagicaVoxel, and Tinkercad. Then they will learn to prepare their model for printing with the slicing software Cura. And finally, campers will learn how to operate a 3D printer during the actual printing process. Your child will go home with a 3D print of their own design and three vouchers for additional prints to encourage them to continue tinkering and making long after the camp is over. Each voucher also comes with a review session with our resident 3D printing expert to ensure your child creates the prints they envision.

Vlog with The DoSeum | Ages 8-11 

Lights, camera, vlog! Kids today need a whole new set of knowledge to communicate in the digital world. In this camp, they will take away valuable tools like how to use creative thinking, editing, and innovative processes to make videos and other digital content come to life. They’ll explore topics of interest and learn to synthesize ideas into a story. At the end of the week, kids and families will collaborate to produce a fully-realized vlog to be showcased on The DoSeum’s YouTube Channel, including a set and kid-created lighting tools.

Techy Bootcamp | Ages 6-8 
if (kid >= 6 && kid <= 8 && fun == true) {
System.out.println (“Sign up for Techy Bootcamp!”); }

Translation: If your child is between the ages of 6 and 8, and they enjoy technology, then they are going to LOVE this camp! In Techy Bootcamp, students will learn to read and write code like the example above while engaging in fun coding challenges around The DoSeum. Campers will learn to program a tiny computer called a micro:Bit to conduct scientific investigations, send secret messages, and create games. At the end of camp, these young computer scientists will host a technology convention where they will show off their favorite projects from camp.

Game On! | Ages 8-11

Just like a great video game, this camp will be tough, but it will also be highly rewarding. In Gaming Science, campers will learn how to make a video game from scratch using Stencyl, a game-creation software designed for kids and professionals alike. This camp will cover the gamut of video game development, with special focus on programming, narrative flow, and art direction. By the end of the week your child will host a Gaming Arcade featuring their creation and be able to publishing their game to a wider audience. As a bonus, Stencyl offers a free software package, so your child can continue learning and making even after the camp is over



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