Summer MASTER Camps

Introducing our NEW Master Camps!


DoSeum Master Camps expand on the already successful model of our regular camp offerings. Master camps are specifically designed to promote continued learning long after the camp is over. Young programmers will take home their very own microcomputer. 3D modelers are invited back to the DoSeum for one-on-one consultation with our resident expert and personal use of our 3D printers. And game developers will take home a special license of a video game developing software.

  • Dive deeper into more complex STEM subject matter
  • Participate in a showcase for each Master Camp
  • Take-homes are specifically designed to promote continued learning and making



Pricing ECE (3-4 years) Pricing all but DoSeum Master (5-11 years) Pricing DoSeum Master (specific camps)
$210 Member $310 Member $750 Member
$230 Non-Member $330 Non-Member $770 Non-Member
$300 Member Aftercare $370 Member Aftercare $810 Member Aftercare
$320 Non-Member Aftercare $390 Non-Member Aftercare $830 Non-Member Aftercare

*The DoSeum does not offer refunds for camps. 


MASTER Camp Descriptions:

3D Digital Designers | Ages 6-8 | June 10-14

This camp will teach students everything they need to know to enter the world of 3D printing. Campers will learn to use three free modeling softwares: 3D Slash, MagicaVoxel, and Tinkercad. Then they will learn to prepare their model for printing with the slicing software Cura. And finally, campers will learn how to operate a 3D printer during the actual printing process. Your child will go home with a 3D print of their own design and three vouchers for additional prints to encourage them to continue tinkering and making long after the camp is over. Each voucher also comes with a review session with our resident 3D printing expert to ensure your child creates the prints they envision.

Vlog with The DoSeum | Ages 8-11 | June 17-21

Lights, camera, vlog! Kids today need a whole new set of knowledge to communicate in the digital world. In this camp, they will take away valuable tools like how to use creative thinking, editing, and innovative processes to make videos and other digital content come to life. They’ll explore topics of interest and learn to synthesize ideas into a story. At the end of the week, kids and families will collaborate to produce a fully-realized vlog to be showcased on The DoSeum’s YouTube Channel, including a set and kid-created lighting tools.

Techy Bootcamp | Ages 6-8 | July 8-12
if (kid >= 6 && kid <= 8 && fun == true) {
System.out.println (“Sign up for Techy Bootcamp!”); }

Translation: If your child is between the ages of 6 and 8, and they enjoy technology, then they are going to LOVE this camp! In Techy Bootcamp, students will learn to read and write code like the example above while engaging in fun coding challenges around The DoSeum. Campers will learn to program a tiny computer called a micro:Bit to conduct scientific investigations, send secret messages, and create games. At the end of camp, these young computer scientists will host a technology convention where they will show off their favorite projects from camp.

Game On! | Ages 8-11 | July 15-19, July 29-August 2

Just like a great video game, this camp will be tough, but it will also be highly rewarding. In GAME ON!, campers will learn how to make a video game from scratch using Stencyl, a game-creation software designed for kids and professionals alike. This camp will cover the gamut of video game development, with special focus on programming, narrative flow, and art direction. By the end of the week your child will host a Gaming Arcade featuring their creation and be able to publish their game to the public. As a bonus, your child will go home with a special license of Stencyl so that they can continue learning and making even after the camp is over.

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