Kayla's Robot Journey

Give Today and Help Kayla Build a Robot!

Meet our friend Kayla!

She just turned 10 this May (she’s excited to be in the double digits). She’s curious, bright, and likes to play and learn new things—especially when it’s something she loves. 

When school let out for the summer, Kayla and her family came to The DoSeum for a visit to get out of the heat and enjoy a fun day together. 

This is when Kayla was first introduced to the concept of coding! Now she is determined to learn how to build a robot using the materials and knowledge she finds at The DoSeum! 

The DoSeum needs your help to provide children like Kayla with the space and materials to make their dreams come true. With your generous donations, we can provide:

  • Lights that brighten Kayla's workspace so she can design and plan.
  • A Computer Help Lab where Kayla can use programs like Scratch Jr. to learn how to code and program with the help of DoSeum educators.
  • Baxter, our friendly local bot, who inspires Kayla by showing her the possibilities of robotics within the walls of The DoSeum.

Give today to help Kayla, and other children just like her, acheive their dreams inside The DoSeum. Stay tuned for part two of Kayla's Robot Journey!

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