Imagine It!

Imagine It!

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By encouraging kids to use their imaginations as an expressive and creative-thinking tool, Imagine It! unleashes their story-making skills and support language development — both oral and aural. Imagine It! addresses the multiple pathways to story-making, with “try-on” characters, environment-based scenarios, and connections to the written word. These skills help foster a love of reading and writing for the next generation.

Learning Objectives
  • Encourages children to use their imagination as an expressive and creative-thinking tool

  • Promotes children’s use of language and development of oral (and aural) language skills

  • Generates collaboration and communication, life-long skills that are essential to story-making

Activities by Recommended Age
  • Newborn to 4 years-old: Past the intro tunnel lays an open-ended world kids can populate with their own imagination. Hills, craters, a cave and a lookout peak take the shape of anything a kid desires. Sensors in the floor trigger sounds and light effects when triggered. Kids are invited to put on costumes or use puppets to act out whatever story they create. A wheel-chair accessible ramp leads to a balcony where kids can use mouth puppets to put on a show for everyone below.

  • 5 to 7 years-old: At “Neverending Story” kids read a story that other visitors have collaboratively created and then move the story further by adding the next part. Each kid’s contribution is highlighted in a different color. Prompts encourage the kids to follow the structure of a story, “What happens next?” “What would be a good character to add?” “The story has almost reached the climax, how should it end?” The content management system can filter out any bad words and gibberish that is added.

  • 8 to 10 years-old: Kids can bring their animation to the next level by making it 3D. Tools and objects such as pipe cleaners, amateur wire, toys, and figures are available to work with. A screen shows the onion effect and lets kids witness their stories come to life. A green screen provides a variety of background options. Kids can even lie down on a green screen and use their own bodies as props!

  • If your kid loves to read, plan to stay in the Reading Lab for 20-45 minutes to enjoy all the different books and tablets with reading apps we have in store!