Holiday Camps

Holiday Camps

2019 Holiday Camps

NOVEMBER 25th -27th | JANUARY 2ND - 3RD

The DoSeum’s Holiday Camps are back!  Kids will explore exciting new STEM and art concepts, learn to innovate, create, and solve problems—all while having fun!  


Holiday Camps


Animal Tales | Ages 3-4

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom.” ~ Socrates. Everyone is born with a sense of wonder and this camp will enable children to learn about observing the world around them through the classic children’s books of Margaret Wise Brown. Campers will read The Important Book, The Color Kittens, The Big Red Barn, The Little Island and create different craft projects that go along with each story. This camp will help develop your child’s love of reading, an appreciation for illustrations, rhyming, fun characters and expose them to rich language as well as help them learn social and emotional values. 

Dr. DOlittles | Ages 3-4 

Ready for a paw-some good time?! Caring for animals starts with having empathy towards them. During this camp, your child will learn the process of taking care of animals and the importance of the relationship between pets and their caretakers. Campers will learn how to keep their patients (stuffed animals) healthy and safe by measuring and weighing them, learning about different parts of the body and even applying bandages. They will have a great time having dramatic play with doctor and vet assistant costumes, creating exciting art with doctors' supplies, and having fun acting out animal movements.

3-2-1 Blast Off | Ages 5-7 

Liftoff! We have liftoff! Campers will love this astronomy inspired camp where they will have the opportunity to discover rockets, parachutes and zip lines. Your budding astronaut will have a great time recreating Galileo’s experiment on gravity, designing and building several flying technologies, designing and conducting experiments to test their flying machines, and recording their experiments using a Go-Pro camera and written logs. They will have so much fun they may not notice they are simultaneously learning mathematical, physical, aeronautic and scientific concepts. At the end of camp, your child will take home their air transportation technologies.

Shadow Puppet theater | Ages 5-7

Combine storytelling, arts and crafts and material science in this fun camp! Campers won’t just make puppets in this camp but will engineer their own articulating puppet. They will study the properties of different materials and learn how to make informed decisions about how their materials will act and which ones are best suited for specific tasks. Campers will work together in groups to create a story using each of their puppets. This camp will help your child practice engineering and the design process, including planning, testing and improving. At the end of the week, they will get to take home their puppets.

Fly Away Prints | Ages 8 -11

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s printmaking! Your child will learn the art of printmaking in this new camp inspired by the themes of the DoSeum’s 2019 Artists in Residence exhibit. Instructors will teach the campers how to think differently about their creations — how to “read” their pieces, and think about their work and the work of others. They will learn useful studio habits and practice using their fine motor skills. Printmaking gives young artists independence and allows them to use critical thinking to plan ahead. At the end of the week, your child will take home two to three unique prints, with at least one being wearable.


Prism Play | Ages 3-4

Light up the night… or day! Did you know you can actually play with light? Has your child ever wondered where shadows come from?  In this camp, your child will learn all about light and how to manipulate it. Campers will learn about reflection and refraction by playing with prisms in water and with mirrored paper. We will explore how shadows are made through puppet play and experiment with light boards to discover color mixing through light! Campers will learn how a kaleidoscope operates and even make one to take home!

Making It 2.0 | Ages 5-7

Did you know the man who invented the TV was only 14 years old when he first sketched the idea? Perhaps your young innovator will design the next big invention. Give them a leg-up with this camp where they will conceive of a problem, then design their very own invention to solve their issue. Campers will learn the design process, testing, improving and problem-solving. At the end of camp, your child will pitch their invention to the class as an intro to public speaking!

Do Gooders | Ages 5-7 

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop. This camp is a wonderful way for your child to learn how their kindness towards others can change someone’s day or even life. They will come to understand how positivity and gratitude are infectious and sharing this with others can positively affect their community and perhaps even the world. Campers will make art projects to help bring joy and happiness to others. Your child will leave this camp feeling rewarded and have a better understanding of how showing kindness to others will also have a positive impact on their own self-esteem.

Master Camp

Brain Games! | Ages 8-11

Why are some people extroverted and introverted? What makes you tick? We all know everyone is different, but why exactly?  Are you an optimist or a pessimist? In Brain Games! we will explore the psychological and neuroscience concepts that make us unique!

In this Master Camp, the low student to teacher ratio will enable your child to uncover their own individual interests and needs through hands-on learning and exploration. In the end, campers will walk away with a better understanding of themselves—why they act the way they do and feeling confident about what makes them special and unique!


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