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Going Places

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Fly—don’t walk—through The DoSeum’s summer exhibition, Going Places, where kids can explore how we drive, float, glide, and zoom! This fun STEM experience will immerse visitors into the science of getting around over land, sea, air, and space. With 17 play-centered exhibits, they will encounter concepts like velocity, gravity, buoyancy, aerodynamics, energy efficiency, space science, carbon footprint, and design. Climb aboard the flight simulator to pilot a propeller plane! Hop on a hover-disk to learn about airflow. Build a virtual car to test its aerodynamics, engine and wheel types. Practice controlling a blimp. Plan a family trip with multiple modes of transportation. See how air and fuel are used to create power with a see-through generator. Try your luck at sailing a land yacht— and so much more! Outside of The DoSeum, kids can continue the journey with several San Antonio transportation innovators, our teammates in this year’s Summer Challenge! Through several partnerships, kids will be challenged to think about ways to improve our city system and connect the dots between innovation and community. Going Places will show kids that technology travel shapes our lives and the future. It’s going to be a wild ride!

The exhibition opens to the public on June 1


Entrance and Virtual Earth:  Visitors walk into the exhibition through a real metal detector. Can you find your city on the three-dimensional Planet Earth? Rotate it and explore the world in miniature, and consider the amazing technology that enables us to explore the globe.

Flight simulator:  Climb aboard the flight simulator and pilot a plane through the skies. There’s more to it than simply turning left and right.

Hoverdisk:  Hop on board a hoverdisk and float across the floor. Learn about how the cushion of air allows hovercraft to travel across roads, sand, water and more.

Rock The Boat:  Packing a cargo ship is not easy. Visitors will attempt to prevent capsizing while loading blocks onto a ship. Factor in center of gravity, buoyancy and packing arrangements and get ready for some hilarious results!

Luggage Loader:  Connecting the right luggage to the right people is a major challenge at airports. Test your own sorting and packing skills in this high-tech game and find out how using mathematics makes life easier.

Sit Down:  Take a seat in a whole range of scientifically designed seats. From the racing car that protects and supports drivers at high speeds, to functional and durable public transport options.

Vehicle Jigsaw:  It’s time to find out just how much fuel your V8 engine with 31-inch rims is using. Choose from aerodynamic profiles, engine and wheel types, then pit your car against the raceway to find out just how far you can go on a tank of fuel.

Recumbent Racer:  Which is best: recumbent or racer? Race a friend to find out which type of bicycle travels fastest up and down hills and how professional cyclists reduce their aerodynamic profile to get the fastest times.

Transport Footprint:  Just how much carbon do you produce in your everyday travels? Take the carbon challenge to find out what impact your travel is having on the planet and how some simple changes in your lifestyle can reduce your carbon footprint.

Airship:  Got that sinking feeling you’ll never get a chance to see or fly an airship? Don’t despair, as this fleet of airships are awaiting your instructions. Find out just how difficult they are to fly accurately, and why you might be seeing more of them in the future.

Big Engine:  Bang! Rrrrrroar! That’s the sound of a giant engine roaring to life. See how air and fuel are used to create thrust and why the modern engine is one of the cheapest and most efficient energy providers on the planet….for now.

Aeroplane Mobile:  Use your powers of discovery to get the giant aeroplane mobile to spin. Want a clue? Solar technology is involved.

Land Yacht:  Sailing is not just for the seas. Try your luck at sailing a land yacht against perilous winds. Traveling downwind is easy – but can you sail into the wind? You will need to use angles, and of course, ingenuity.

Virtual Train Controller:  Can you get the most train passengers to the central station? By controlling the track intersections you must pick up the passengers and direct the train to the central station, before your opponent. But be careful not to crash into each other. The more passengers are dropped off the faster it goes so you must use quick reflexes to keep the trains running.

Design Your City:  How will future vehicles help us travel across our planet? Do you have an idea for the next big transport invention? What would your dream car look like? What about our future cities? How will they operate? We want your ideas!

Load The Car:  There always seems to be one bag that never quite fits in the car. Can you pack all the holiday gear into the boot? Find out who has the best spatial ability in your family.

Shifting Steel:  Did you know the same principles of moving people can also be used to move heavy objects? See if you can shift our heavyweight on nothing but air.

In addition to the 17 exhibits, the exhibition comes with eight information kiosks presenting videos, photographs and in-depth information for visitors who want to know more about particular exhibits.

Ready for a Summer Challenge? 

Come and participate in The DoSeum Summer Challenge for a chance to win your own Going Places medal!

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