Force Course

Force Course

The force is strong in this engaging new redesign of the DoSeum’s Powerball Hall! As we celebrate Powerball Hall’s 10th birthday, we have improved and expanded this space to deepen engagement and learning. New features include TWO ball launchers, a simple machine ball run, and a new musical target.


Through hands-on exploration in Force Course, DoSeum Guests will learn important concepts about force and motion. This interactive space includes simple machines- inclined planes, pulleys, wheels, wedges, levers - that children can use to create their own ball runs. They will hear the impact of force with two new ball cannons as they shoot towards drums, cymbals, and chimes. Aim at the target to get the ball in the all-time favorite: the Ball Drop. Come and discover the sweet music of this new space today!


This gallery, like many of our galleries, is open to children ages 0-10. For younger guests, simple investigations will educate and delight. Where does the ball go when I put it in this tube? What happens to it when it meets a current of air? These experiences offer important foundations for how force works on the objects around them. Older learners will deepen their understanding of simple machines and force-related concepts such as Bernoulli's principle.


We’ve expanded the space to make it more comfortable for children and adults alike. Join your child as they experiment with force. Invite them to find other examples of force and simple machines in the museum.