First 500 Donors

Thank you to all of our First 500 donors!

Ruth and John Agather
Phil and Nicole Anderson
John and Itza Andrade & Family
The Arneson Family
Ann Griffith Ash & Family
Joe and Kathy Babb
Beth and Randy Baetz
Mote and Margie Baird
Gary and Marialyn Barnard
Ron Bates
Mr. John Beauchamp
Courtney Beauchamp
The Beebe Family
Mr. Ray Berend
Ryan and Jessica Berg
Lynne Bolinger
Sarah and Steve Bourland
John Bowman
Elize and Craig Boyan
James and JoAnne (Dyer) Blair
Book Buddies
Jason and Maria Burgos
Marta Amequita
Kate Badash
Kay Case
Drs. Anthony and Allyson Cochet
Judy Clifton
Anonymous Donor
June Eubank
Walton Gregory
Laurie Griepenkerl
Janet Hughes
Linda Jacobs
Debra Janes
Vicki Krebsbach
Patsy Martin
Annabelle McGee
Clytie Phelps
Jane Satel
Caroline Walker
Nancy Wallace
Heather Welder
Scarlet West
Susan Wise
Dr. Sarah Bourland
Mr. John Bowman
Craig L. Bowman
Sharon and John Bray
Laura and Peter Broderick
Dr. Varshasb and Behnoosh Broumand
John and Carla Brozovich
Jason and Lizette Bunn
Mr. and Mrs. Dan E. Butt
Charles Butt, Sr.
Drs. Lisa and Timoteo Cabrera
Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton, L.L.P.
Ron and Genie Calgaard
Laura August and Sheridan Chambers
James and Paul Chapman
Anna Brelsford Coiner
Helen G. Corrigan
Creative Noggin
Eleanor Butt Crook
Tony and Mary Anne Crosby
Drs. Matthew and Ann Cross
Alex and Scarlett Cubeta
Digitactics, Inc.
The Dilley Family
Kenny and Julie Dorbandt
The Drawert Family
Robert and Linda Gail Dullnig
Ms. Elizabeth Dullye
Colette and Ty Edwards
Marilyn and Huard Eldridge
Anarah & Kealani Estacio
Tracee and JJ Feik
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fellbaum
Ms. Stacey Ferguson
The Finney Family
Katy and Ted Flato
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gaidusek
Shaili and Bailen Ganeshappa
Eugene and Wendy Garcia
Remigio L. Garcia
Charlotte and Larry Garcia
Mr. Elton George
Leslie and Lori George
Beckie Gergen
The Giambalvos
Mike and Marlos Gilliam
Celina Montoya and Luke Girdley
Elizabeth Glazier and Michael Piesman & Family
Carmen and Steve Goldberg
David Gorder
Suzanne and Jimmy Goudge
Suzanne and Jimmy Goudge
Tabbetha Greco
Joe E and Molly Groff
Cosmo M. Guido
Dana and Jim Halff
Sue M. Hall
Mimi Hart
Jennie and Ben Hart
Jaimie and Allison Hayne
The Elliott Hayne Family
Garrett, Mandy and Natalie Heath
Amy and Jesse Hereford
Peter Herff II
Elizabeth and Peter Herff
Mary and Christian Herff
Karen and Ronald Herrmann
The Ronald J. Herrmann Family Foundation
Joseph and Melissa Hoffer
Robert L. Hunzeker
Jack and Jill of America, Inc., San Antonio Chpt.
The Jackson Family
Curtis R. Johnson
Emily and Brad Jones
Drs. Fred Poordad and Judy Kim
Leslie and Tom Kingman
The Bart Kneip Family
J. Phillip Knight-Sheen
Greg and Bekki Kowalski Family
Rosemary Hughes Kowalski
Ms. Ellen Lake
Karen Lee and David Zachary & Family
Karen Lee
Cheryl and Bruce Leslie
Paola and David Lloyd
MaryEllen Londrie
Dr. Christina Lumbreras, Darrell and Thiago Cotterell
Ms. Alice Lynch
Carlos and Jennifer Maestas
John and Claudia Malitz
Pat Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Marks
Mr. Robert Marshall
Juan and Malu Martin
Dr. Christopher and Gisel Martinez & Family
Ashley and Daniel Martinez
Chris and Veronica Martinez & Family
Dr. Mike Florez and Martha Martinez-Flores
Matthews Family Foundation
Ms. Martha Maxwell
Stephen and Courtney May
Kate McLachlan
John V. McLaughlin & Family
Mr. James McMullan
Patricia N. McQuade
Anne and Mike Meyer
Dr. Julie La Barba and Mr. Robert Miggins
Balous and Julie Miller & Family
Laura and Lew Moorman
Gregg and Sydney Muenster
Shawn and Brenda Mulvihill
Julia Keidel Norton
Mike, Laura, Max and Samantha O’Donnell
Shawn, Sharon and Samantha O’Haver
Maria Olivarez
Nance and Alex H. Oliver
Dorothea C. Oppenheimer
Diana Oxford and Doreen Moore
Mr. Dion R. Padilla & Family
Greg and Eva Papay
Dr. Tarak Petel and Dr. Sharvari Parghi
Dr. Robert W. and Ann S. Parker
Harriet and Dan Peavy
The Christopher Petty Family
Mary and Al Philip
Mr. Jay Podjenski
Callie and Andrew Price / Nelson Puett Foundation
Drs. Joel A. Reyes and Erika Gonzales-Reyes
Raul and Sabrina Rios
Maria and Genaro Solis Rivero
Bill and Megan Rooney
Lorin and Forrest Runnels
Jack and Meg Salvadore
Harold, Judy and Kevin Sanders
Charles and Leah Schillaci & Family
Mr. Richard Schimpff
Dr. Steve and Becky Schmitt
Heather Schnelzer and Aerial Athletics
Philip Schreiner and Lourdes Schreiner
Grant K. Sechler
Donnie and Tara Shaffer
Jamie and Anna Shaw
Sikh Dharamsal’s Sikh-Ya Class
Kirstin Silberschlag / Luke Bovenzi Family
Eugene and Neriza Simor
Gail and Bruce Smith
Kirsten Smith
Mr. Ted Snider
Mr. Lionel Sosa
Will and Christina Steele
The Steves Family
Kathy Strait & Family
Mr. John Strieby
Daniel J. Sullivan Family Charitable Foundation
Amy and Ben Swaney
Gabriel, Sonia and Joaquin Tarango
Mr. Larry Tatum
Ten Eyck Landscaping
The RWM Foundation
Ron and Genie Thomas
Art and Janet Thompson
Ms. Susan Todd
Mr. and Dr. Dale Tremblay
Shannon and Jon Turner
Ms. Julie Van Zandt
Mr. Arnold Vardiman
SueAnn Wade-Crouse
The R. Bruce and Dawn Walker Family
Sarah and Lawrence Walker
Marjory Waterman
Ann Brennand Watson
AnnaPaula and Mark Watson III
Rodney Gray
Jeanie and Bob Wehmeyer
The Daniel Westmoreland Family
Adam and Jessica Wetherell
Katie and Michael D. Whitehurst
Scott and Melissa Wiggans
Barbara and George Williams
Jane and Mark Williams
Sonya and Gene Williams
Barbara B. Wood
Mr. John Wright
Ms. Barabara Wulfe
Sheila and Jerry York
Ms. Chica Younger
Mr. Rick Zarazinski
Mr. Louis Zbiden
Thad W. and Lynn Ziegler

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