Field Trip FAQ

How much does a visit cost?

August 2017-March 2018:

  • $6/student
  • $0/required chaperone (1 for every 5 children)
  • $10 for every chaperone over the required amount
  • $10 for additional children (younger or older siblings accompanying caregivers)

April 2018-June 2018:

  • $8/student
  • $0/required chaperone (1 for every 5 children)
  • $10 for every chaperone over the required amount
  • $10 for additional children (younger or older siblings accompanying caregivers)

How many students can attend a visit?

A Field Experience should not exceed more than 125 children per school/group. We will consider exceptions on a case-by-case basis.

How many chaperones can attend a visit?

Field Experiences require one chaperone for every five children (chaperones include teachers and must be 18 or older). Please organize and assign your chaperone groups of one adult for every five children before you arrive using our provided organizer. All students and chaperone will typically travel with their classroom teacher. For large groups, we may need to divide classes. Teachers will be notified by The DoSeum within two weeks of the Field Experience if at all possible if this is the case. Additional adults and children accompanying your group will be required to pay separately at the Fall/Spring admission rate.

What does a Field Experience look like?

We aim to add capacity to the work of educators by creating experiences that align well to students’ needs and by providing an environment and experience that will ignite kids’ passions and curiosities. This means that Field Experiences can begin before a group boards a bus and extend beyond a visit to The DoSeum.

Prior to coming to The DoSeum, our staff will work with educators to provide activities and/or consultation with educators to ensure kids are ready to extend the learning they have been doing in the classroom before, during, and after their visit. During a Field Experience, kids will be able to explore one or more of our major exhibit galleries that aligns closely to a theme chosen by their educator. Educators may choose a theme with a dominant subject matter at heart (i.e. students exploring math concepts in Spy Academy), but by visiting The DoSeum kids will engage in learning that spans STEM, the arts, and early literacy.

Beyond open exploration in our exhibits, students and their adults will be able to engage in hands-on activities and investigations led by our education staff. These activities may take place in classroom spaces or among our exhibits. After a Field Experience, we will provide educators with activities they may use in their classrooms to build on the experience at The DoSeum.

What do we do when we arrive?

The DoSeum staff will greet you at the front entrance to begin the check-in process and to distribute your chaperone wristbands. Our staff will direct your students into the Group Entrance where we will provide a fun and informative orientation to the group. The lead teacher will be asked to have a final count of all the children and adults who are present that day.

What information do we need for transportation?

The DoSeum is Located on 2800 Broadway. Groups may load and unload in the designated Bus Drop Off & Pick Up Zone on Humphreys Avenue. Parking for buses will be available on Margaret Street just around the corner. DoSeum staff will meet your group to assist you.

How do I Reserve a Field Experience?

The earlier you make your reservation, the better chance you have of visiting The DoSeum on the date you request. To make a reservation request, complete the Field Experience Request form on our website. Reservations cannot be made by leaving a voicemail or by phone. Once we have this reservation request, and we have confirmation that campus administrators have approved the request (specifically time and date), a DoSeum staff member will call or email you to confirm your reservation.

How can I pay for my Field Experience? When is payment due? Is there a deposit?

We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard. We do not accept purchase orders. Be prepared to make a single payment for your entire group upon arrival. The DoSeum cannot split ticket sales (receipts) for any group. We can, however, process different payment methods on one ticket sale.

We do not issue refunds for amounts $25 or less. If your refund due is over $25, a check will be sent to the address on the original check (unless otherwise specified) within 30 days.

I'm part of a home schooling group. Can we book a field experience?

Absolutely! We welcome all students and educators who fall within our age range (3-10 years old). 

Are there special rates for Title I / economically disadvantaged groups?

– What is The DoSeum For All program?

The DoSeum is excited to offer free admission for qualifying elementary school grade groups using our DoSeum For All program. The DoSeum For All program was designed to ensure accessibility to all students and schools in the San Antonio area. DoSeum For All will guarantee free admission to up to 90 students from each campus per year and up to 18 adults (teachers, chaperones). If your school or organization brings more than 90 students and 18 adults, the standard Fall/Spring admission rates will apply.

Schools may apply for funding if they meet the following criteria:

  • 80%+ Title 1 students (based on Title 1 qualifications from Texas Education Agency)
  • Specialized programs to advance students in STEM, the arts, or literacy

Not all groups who qualify are guaranteed to receive funding. Applications are approved on a case-by-case basis.

– Do you reimburse for bus transportation?
If your school qualifies for DoSeum For All funding, The DoSeum may reimburse schools up to two buses per Field Experience, or $150 per bus for groups funded by The DoSeum For All. The maximum transportation funding request is $150 per bus.

Is my group allowed to eat lunch on-site at The DoSeum?

If your group reserves a field experience during the 9:30-12:00PM window, we are able to accommodate lunch. For a fee of $75, your group will have access to eat in our theater. This fee covers custodial and facility rental costs. Should you not choose to eat lunch at The DoSeum, our Field Experience times are designed to allow for ease of kids to eat lunch at school before or after their visit.

Can parents/caregivers stay to visit The DoSeum with their children after the Field Experience is complete?

Yes! Parents/ caregivers are more than welcome to stay at The DoSeum with their children after the Field Experience is complete. Parents/caregivers wanting to do so would need to communicate with their child’s teacher beforehand, to ensure school policies for withdrawing the child from school are followed. The parents/caregivers and child(ren) would need to get a hand stamp from the front desk if they leave and will return to visit The DoSeum.

My question was not answered here. Who do I contact?

Sarah Connell

School and Outreach Educator
(210) 212-4453 ext:662

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