Big Day Of Play: Earth Matters


Big Day Of Play: Earth Matters

Travel across the world in a single day and explore our vast ecosystems — from the poles to the plains!  On July 30th, join us for our Big Day of Play: Earth Matters!  During this all-day event, you’ll learn about the different animals, plants, and landscapes of the coasts, grasslands, deserts, arctic poles, and caves. Our special passports will guide you and help identify which parts of the world to explore — be sure to get all of your stamps as you travel the globe! 

Big Day Of Play Activities 

Camo Critters

From the ocean floor to coral reefs to the Amazon rainforest, families will learn about the animals that disguise themselves and make their own! With different fabrics, paints, and other materials, families will collaborate to bring the animals to life.

Cave Exploration

Guests will explore the world of caves with a focus on bats and bears! Learn fun facts about these animals while experiencing craft and sensory activities. Storytime will be offered throughout the event. This activity station is recommended for children 4 years and younger. 

Texas Plains: Ethnobotany

Discover the myth of the Three Sisters and explore the importance of corn, beans, and squash to Native Americans. Create your own story about the three sisters!

Freaky Foliage

Explore the different properties of leaves that enable them to thrive in hot environments. Using influence from these foliage characteristics, Guests will be able to create their own drought-resistant leaves and add it to The DoSeum tree. 

Perspiring Penguins

Guests will create a penguin habitat by self-selecting materials that act as the most effective insulators. Guests will understand the needs of penguins and how various materials can help penguins survive in cold environments. 

Sock Skating Rink 

No shoes, no problem! Zip, zag, and zoom around our special "ice rink" made specially for skating in your socks. It's the coolest thing in San Antonio this summer. BYOS!


Big Day Of Play activities are included with General Admission and DoSeum Memberships. 

Date & Time

July 30, 2022 @ 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM

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