Earth Matters: Rethink The Future

Earth Matters: Rethink The Future


May 28  – September 5

Explore the changes happening on Earth and how we can innovate solutions for a more sustainable future, in our new summer exhibition, Earth Matters: Rethink the Future. Dive deep into the science behind biodiversity, climate and carbon emissions and discover how the smallest of actions can have a big impact on the world around us.

Through a stunning visual and immersive environment, this exhibition sets the stage for a unique journey of science exploration, understanding and action.  As you explore Earth Matters, look out for the connections along the way. Solve complex challenges and push your own ideas to new heights. Then rethink what the future could look like.

Earth Matters will be on display May 28 – September 5 and included with General Admission and DoSeum Memberships. 


Visitors can make their way through five different zones:

See the inner workings of a tree, listen and learn about endangered species and experience large-scale visualizations of changes taking place in our natural world.

Explore inspiring STEM solutions across our innovation pods with videos, drawings, prototypes and models demonstrating how simple ideas can become a reality.

Explore the restoration journey of valuable and endangered ecosystems with these stunning three-dimensional digital experiences.

Take a moment, look up and turn your head skywards to listen to other visitors and how they rethink the future.

Designed for our littlest visitors, this series of interactive exhibits create new ways to explore backyard biodiversity and sustainability.



Continue rethinking the future after your visit with these resources! 

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