Dream Tomorrow Today

June 2 - January 6

The DoSeum is celebrating San Antonio’s first 300 years by looking ahead to its future! In partnership with the San Antonio Tricentennial Celebration, The DoSeum is dedicating its inaugural exhibit to the future and the kids who shape it…YOU!

Step into a time machine and step out into the future you imagine! In Dream Tomorrow Today, kids and families are invited to leave the past behind as they slide through time and transported to a better tomorrow—one that they create themselves. As they travel through the exhibit, kids will be invited to SEE, BE, and DO the future—designing future cities, shaping community values, role playing future careers, and more.

Keep up the learning, playing, and city planning all summer!

How to play:

  1. Download the summer challenge:
    1. ENGLISH: For Grades K-2 | For Grades 3-5 
    2. SPANISH: For Grades K-2 | For Grades 3-5
  2. Get the DoSeum City Lab App: Apple | Android 
  3. Complete the challenges!
  4. Go to The DoSeum to get more value cards.

In order to solve The City Lab app game you will need more value cards! Once you complete a challenge come to The DoSeum to receive your new cards.


At Dream Tomorrow Today, kids will:
  • SEE: In order to see the future, kids have to imagine it!

    • Time Machine Tunnel: Kids journey to the future in an immersive tunnel designed by Artist-in-Residence, Calder Kamin. Children are asked what they want their future to look like—reflecting upon sustainability, nature, growth, while considering how the choices we make independently and together can shape our future
    • Sketch Town: Following the tunnel, kids will zoom into the future on a sensational slide! Upon entry, kids will see their own sketches of the future brought to life in a large interactive city, designed by Japanese designers, TeamLab.
    • Future City Labs: Using an augmented reality platform, kids and families will see how different community values create buildings, places, and services like hospitals, schools, and more. Kids will see how their values shape the way their city looks and the lives of the people within it!
    • The City Votes: In partnership with SA2020 and SATomorrow, The DoSeum will provide a large-scale display where visitors can vote on the principles they think are most valuable to San Antonio’s future, such as health, education, or the arts. Visitors can also play with an enormous light bright wall that shows how those values shine through!


  • BE: Here, kids can dream the roles they’ll play in building a better tomorrow!

    • Job Generator: Kids choose two of their favorite interests—whether it’s the arts, space, or animals—and are given suggestions for a future job. Using this job title, they can then engage in special challenges throughout the exhibit, including a design challenge in the Design Lab.
    • Role Play! Costumes aren’t just for make-believe! Kids can dress up in the uniforms and clothes that help them to imagine their role in the future. Hop in front of our green screen to play out different scenarios—on a city street, park, or house of the future!


  • DO: The time to DO is NOW! Start creating the future you imagine!

    • In the Design Lab kids are inspired to transform everyday objects into solutions for a better future. The Design Lab, enhanced with designs by Artist-in-Residence Gregorio Mannino, provides design challenges based on city needs—such as transportation, health, and safety. The Lab will offer daily design challenges that require kids to create prototypes from a variety of diverse materials.
    • Design Workshops: Workshops will support important concepts of sustainability for a better tomorrow as well as give kids an opportunity to create a future object prototype using our machinery that turns trash into usable materials. Kids will create future object prototypes that support sustainability for a better tomorrow. Kids will create future ideas that support sustainability for a better tomorrow. A city-wide, social media-driven vote will select winning ideas to potentially even become a reality!
    • Take Action! Your imagined future doesn’t end as you leave the exhibit! Joining with SA2020 and other community partners, we’ll also provide unique opportunities for kids and families to get involved with our community—putting their dreams for a better tomorrow in action!


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