Dream Tomorrow Today

Dream Tomorrow Today


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Dream Tomorrow Today | June 10 - Sept.24

Let’s Design The Future Together! In The DoSeum’s new summer exhibit, Dream Tomorrow Today, you’ll learn how to positively impact the future and become empowered agents of change through fun, immersive experiences. Become a STEM recruit in a gamified Future Lab where you’ll slide into the future, complete problem-solving activities, build inventions in a Maker Space, and design your future city. A bright future depends on you - are you ready?

Key Experiences:

• Slide into the Future on visually stunning projected surface • Create a new hangout with  collaborative weaving house • Clean-up a lake represented as glowing ball pit • Shop in a futuristic market • Create a future meal • Tend a community garden • Use AR to build a future city to survive a natural disaster • Use Broadcast AR to stand next to your future city • Receive a personalized QR code takeaway at the end of the exhibition

Supported by a Museums for America grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services