Meet our Dream Leaders

Meet our Dream Leaders


On January 7th, The DoSeum hosted Dream Leaders Ceremony, a day where local children were recognized as Dream Leaders for their accomplishments in the various DreamWeek themes. We honored twelve amazing children from San Antonio who are engaged in their community and excel in one or more of the themes are nominated.  To follow the message of DreamWeek, we found children whose actions embody the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and who have already begun creating meaningful change in San Antonio.

Santiago Colak

Santiago is 8 years old and in 3rd grade at Wanke Elementary School. His father is from Turkey and his mother is from Argentina, so he has always been between two worlds. At age 5, he was in the SA Express News because he chose to actively participate in a ceremony about peace a St. Mary’s University by lighting a candle at the end of the event. From that moment on, Santiago was dedicated to joining any activity or event that promoted cultural celebration, unification, and coexistence. He has participated in the Turkish Festival at Alamo Plaza, sung the Argentine national anthem at the annual Argentine community picnic, danced Argentine folklore during Folkfest, and discussed the importance of peace and unity at TPR’s “Dare to Listen” segment.

Gabrielle Rejane Lynn

Gabrielle is a 1st grade student council representative as well as participates in Ballet Folklorico and Cheer.  She is also a peer leader in her local Girl Scout Daisy Troop. She is a very active Pet Champion at our local Animal Defense League.  She volunteers her time to read to the cats in the cattery and participates in events to help promote The Animal Defense League of Texas.Gabrielle also devotes her time to an organization that one of her mentors, Miss Claudette Lewis, founded,  The Cherice Cochrane Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes self-esteem building and mentoring of youth.  In 2016, Gabrielle was named Miss Windcrest Amazing Princess.  She participated in many activities in Windcrest as well as in San Antonio and surrounding areas.  In 2017, Gabrielle is running for Miss SWTX Amazing Princess.  In 2016, Gabrielle received the Bronze Presidential Volunteer Service Award.  For 2017, she is striving to earn the Gold Presidential Volunteer Service Award.

Bella Curry

Bella, at the age of six, created her own charity to help the homeless. Inspired and supported by her mom, Candice, Bella collects all the basic necessities of daily living such as soap, towels, toothbrushes, feminine products, and more, and delivers them to homeless communities. She calls it Bella’s Blessing Bins. Teachers, friends, churches, women’s groups, area businesses, and often times complete strangers, drop off donations to Bella for her bins. Bella and her mom deliver the bins to area homeless communities. For Christmas this year, Bella asked for donations for her bins and has collected over $900 to date. Through her service, Bella highlights community service, faith, and leadership.

Joseph Paul “JP” Burns

Joseph Paul (JP) is a very caring 7 year-old. At this young age, he has already put into action, through his many experiences, a goal to serve society, his community, his family, his friends, and his church. This past spring, JP participated in the American Heart Association’s “Jump for Heart” fundraiser.  He set a very high goal of $1,000, which he was able to exceed by not only contacting family and friends, but by walking “door to door” (with his Mom) because of his commitment to helping children with heart problems.  The $1160 he raised was the most in his entire elementary school. He is already planning on setting a goal of $2,000 for next year because he believes it will help twice as many children. JP wants to be an Engineer when he grows up. Since age 4, JP has taken an interest in building, developing and designing prototypes for a vehicle that combine the properties of a plane, boat and car.

Bryan Carter

 Bryan Carter is eight-years old who has an interest in helping all children experience compassion and equality. He goes even further at his learning center by volunteering to be a special friend to a little boy with down syndrome. He has this amazing ability to calm and focus the little boy’s attention. His parents were always worried about their child in class and did not believe he would attend any class trips. Bryan assured the parents and teachers that he would look after the little boy so he could have the same experiences as the other kids. His parents are thankful for what Bryan does to support their little boy. He does the same for two brothers in our community. They absolutely love Bryan. Their parents praise the kindness he provides and the time he spends interacting with them. Bryan is aware of their special needs, but he does not use it to define them. He deeply cares about the well-being of others.

Melany Lopez Lucas

Melany Lopez Lucas is a 6-year-old first grader at Bonham Elementary school. Originally from Guatemala, Melany along with her mother and two brothers, journeyed to the United States to seek asylum and escape unspeakable violence. Upon their arrival in the United States and request for asylum, Melany and her family were held in a family detention center in Karnes, TX. Melany’s mother was an activist from inside the detention center calling for the end to detention and participating in a hunger strike. Melany has the same fighting spirit and has spoken about her experience in detention many times to advocate for children still being detained. After being released, Melany lived with her family at Casa RAICES, a shelter for families after detention. Though Melany and her family now live in their own home, Melany still spends most afternoons at the Casa sharing her infectious joy with the children arriving at the Casa. Melany welcomes new arrivals at Casa RAICES with an open heart and immediately begins showing kids the toys and books. She gladly shares all she has and seeks to make children arriving from detention comfortable in their new home. Melany is the unofficial ambassador of Casa and model of reliance. Through her warm welcome of new families and proud sharing of her family’s story, Melany is an exemplar of Justice and Youth.

Jorge A. Murillo Jr.

Jorge A. Murillo Jr. enjoys being active in his community. He is a fifth grader at Ott Elementary where he serves as a member of the school’s student council. Jorge has had the opportunity to organize many fundraisers at Ott. He has been successful in collecting clothing and canned goods for the Lackland Fisher House, a refuge for wounded warriors and their families. Through his engagement in school activities, Jorge has become confident, responsible and an excellent leader. He has been awarded “pillar of character” accolades from several of his teachers for his hard work in school and upholding Ott’s integrity values. In addition to being very active in school, Jorge plays baseball year round at Helotes Little League. Along with his teammates, he has had the opportunity to volunteer for local organizations such as the San Antonio Food Bank. Through his service and dedication to members of his community, Jorge personifies and is an outstanding example of city, education and sportsmanship values.

Genevy Ramirez Franco

Genevy Ramirez Franco is a ten-year old 5th grader attending Douglass Elementary School on the city’s Eastside.  Genevy engages with all students in both academic and social settings. She is well-known around the entire campus, not just because she’s been at Douglass since kindergarten, but because she’s caring of others and always helps those around her through mentorship. She serves as a New Student Partner for all new students in her grade level, most recently serving as a mentor for a fellow student new to the United States.  Since Genevy is always helping others and willing to speak up for those around her, she was selected as the student representative for the school-wide PBIS committee. At meetings, she is able to communicate with adults and engage in decision-making discussions with administration thus affecting the entire student population. Genevy’s genuine caring, grace, communication, honesty, and positivity are a mere glimpse into her beautiful soul.

Nevaeh-Tnes de Marinea Burns

Nevaeh-Tnes de Marinea Burns is an exceptional 7-year old second grade student at Douglass Elementary. She stands out in class as a vocal and bright girl that is always willing to help others solve problems and answer questions.  She is very dependable and eager to help her peers.  She has been invited several times by a kinder teacher to co-teach and support students and learning a new application. She brings excitement to learning and extends a helping hand to others. For this reason, Nevaeh exhibits characteristics of education (and not just for herself, but for others as well). Outside of school, she is part of the prep team at her gymnastics school. She does things like backbends, handstands, and cartwheels. She enjoys doing gymnastics because she “likes doing flips and bars.” She likes to keep her body and mind active. When she grows up she wants to be a Pediatrician. She wants to work with “babies that are sick and need medicine.” She loves to help people and babies and will one day become a doctor.

Ava Campos

Ava Campos is a very compassionate, caring, and inquisitive girl. She embraces everyone, regardless of circumstance. Ava asks questions about her world and uses the information to better embrace those around her, rather than to catalog them as “other.” She has more empathy than most, and as such, she has become a safe harbor for many students in our classroom. She is not assertive by nature, but that does not mean that she’s not a leader; she leads by example, not by force. Ava has shown a need for justice, and a will to work towards equity through discourse. Ava also possesses a great deal of innate ability in STEM fields, often outshining the people around her with the outcomes of her projects. Ava is not big on words, but she doesn’t need to be: she delivers through outcomes, acceptance, and humility.

Amaya Spruell

Amaya is an active member of the East SA Young Leaders and Entrepreneurs Club and participates in community cleanup events to make the community a better place to live. As a young social entrepreneur, she learned how to create her own company through Venture Lab. She founded a startup Amaya’s Style that creates art related products and plans to give a percentage of the proceeds back to other youth to start their own business. She also teaches fellow East SA club members how to create their own products. Amaya is a focused young lady who is on an early track to attend Harvard University. She is one of the shining stars of our community and is living the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Elisa Nicole Ramos

Elisa Nicole Ramos is 10 years old, and a Fifth Grade Student at Cambridge Elementary.  Demonstrating her concern for City, Community, and Service from an early age, for at least the last four years Elisa has helped look after an elderly neighbor in our neighborhood.    In other City themes, and also the Spirit theme, Elisa has loved to volunteer at Landa Library and at St. Anthony de Padua Church.  While too young to be a formal volunteer, Elisa would always arrive early to Lego Time and Tween Time at the library to help take apart the prior week models, and stay late to make labels, and showcase the new models.  Elisa has been a very frequent visitor to Landa and Tobin Libraries.  She has known well the last four Children Librarians at Landa. Elisa has been a big participant each year in the Alamo Heights Technology Showcase, now the Showcase of Engaged Learning.  She volunteers each year to assist her teacher devise and present a program highlighting all the new technology the kids are using at Alamo Heights.

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