Do Yoga: Members Only


Do Yoga: Members Only

03/31/2019, 11:15 AM to Noon

Weekly on Sunday

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Do You DoYoga?

Every Sunday in March we are offering a special Storytime Yoga session provided by Marisa, a certified yoga teacher and DoSeum Volunteer. DoYoga is a program designed to introduce yoga to children and parents who have always wanted to try it, but find yoga confusing, intimidating or too time intensive.

This series is designed for children and parents to experience this introduction to yoga together. Children under 6 may need assistance, so parents are encouraged to sit on the mat with them and provide guidance where necessary.

What children/families will learn:

1. Breathing and visualization techniques to help children focus and center themselves (learn to self-soothe, self-regulate, calm down);

2. Learn yoga poses through storytelling (promotes body awareness, increases strength and flexibility which can lead to decreased injuries and better performance in sports and other physical activities); and

3. Practice Self Reflection & Mindfulness (getting in touch with their feelings and emotions, leading to more empathy and a greater ability to connect with others).

Classes are held from 11:15am-12pm during member morning.

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