Dream Tomorrow Today Fall Workshop

12/08/2018, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

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Gregorio Mannino’s “Collage” Course

Join us for a fall filled with special workshops where guests will be able to work and interact with the 2018 Artist-in- Residence Calder Kamin and Gregorio Mannino.

Ages 5-10

DoSeum Artist-in-Residence,  Gregorio Mannino created The Design Lab within Dream Tomorrow Today. He presents us with an expansive white space covered with collectible plush toys and everyday objects familiar, and yet transformed through a uniform coat of paint. Come explore design, knolling,   story-telling, and choosing just the right spot to glue down your chosen collage components. In this version multiple layers along with  3D components will be encouraged.


Resident Artists Calder Kamin and Gregorio Mannino have brought the future to life with their installations in our newest exhibition, Dream Tomorrow Today. From Calder’s plastic flowers of the Time Machine Tunnel to Gregorio’s inspirational space in the Design Lab, our Artists-in-Residence have shared their vision of the future. Now, join us for a series of special workshops to meet the artists and create your own vision. Learn ways to promote alternative futures where plastics are recycled and upcycled into art with Calder Kamin, featuring her Neocortex Classroom. Bring your ideas to Gregorio Mannino’s white canvas space to make your own original collage. 

It’s time to see, do, and be the future!

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