Capital Campaign Donors

We are grateful to the many individuals, families, businesses and foundation who have supported us in the pursuit of our vision. The dream of a world-class children’s museum for San Antonio is now a reality.

The following is a list of capital donors as of July 31, 2015.

Lead Gift

Charles Butt

Gifts up to 4,000,000

Valero Energy Foundation
City of San Antonio

Gifts Up to 2,000,000

Harvey E. Najim
The Ewing Halsell Foundation
Goldsbury Foundation
Greehey Family Foundation
The Rod and Kim Lewis Foundation

Gifts up to 750,000

Malu and Carlos Alvarez
Bexar County
Capitol Aggregates
Charity Ball Association
Michele and Randy Cadwallader, Carolyn Julia Clark, and Christopher S. Clark
CPS Energy
H-E-B Tournament of Champions
Kronkosky Charitable Foundation
Mission Park Funeral Chapels and Cemetery
Nancy Smith Hurd Foundation
Bobbie and John Nau
OCI Solar Power
The Brown Foundation, Inc.
Elizabeth and Graham Weston
Will Smith Charitable Foundation
Zachry Construction Corporation
Zachry Group

Gifts up to 250,000

Amy Shelton McNutt Charitable Trust
Nancy and Charlie Cheever
Dela Wright White Charitable Trust and The Circle Bar Foundation
Barbara and Alan Dreeben
Elizabeth Huth Coates Charitable Fdn.
Myra Stafford Pryor Charitable Trust
Institute of Museum & Library Services
Mays Family Foundation
The Meadows Foundation
Scott Petty Foundation
James Gorman
The Tobin Endowment
Wave Healthcare
Barbara and George Williams

Gifts up to 100,000

Alexander Martin Rowland Charitable Foundation
Argonaut Management Services, Inc.
Bolner’s Fiesta Products, Inc.
Cavender Toyota
Claudia Huntington and Marshall Miller
C.H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
Guido Construction Company
Herrmann Family Foundation
Joanie and J.R. Hurd
JP Morgan Chase & Co.
KACO New Energy
Laura and Lew Moorman
Straus Charitable Trust
The William Knox Holt Foundation
Linda and Edward E. Whitacre
Jane and Mark Williams
Zachry Foundation
Roger L. and Laura D. Zeller Charitable Foundation

Gifts up to 25,000

Ruth and John Agather
Nicole and Phil Anderson
John Andrade
Lynn Arneson and Mark Bewley
Ann Griffith Ash
Kathy and Joe Babb
Beth and Randy Baetz
Anne Baird
Marialyn and Gary Barnard
Courtney and John Beauchamp
Francis and John Beauchamp
Dorothy and Ray Berend
Gillum Family
Big State Electric
James Blair and Joane Dyer
Sarah and Steve Bourland
John F. Bowman
Elise and Craig L. Boyan
Sharon and John Bray
Broadway Bank
Laura and Pete Broderick
Behnoosh and Varshasb Broumand
Carla and John Brozovich
Lizette and Jason Bunn
Paula and Dan Butt
Lisa and Tim Cabrera
Cacheaux, Cavazos & Newton, L.L.P.
Genie and Ronald Calgaard
Lara and Sheridan Chambers
James and Paul Chapman
Sherry Coccari
Anna B. Coiner
Penelope Speier and Sonny Collins
Cynthia and Taylor Collins
Creative Noggin
Eleanor Crook
Mary Anne and Tony Crosby
Ann and Matthew Cross
Kelli and Mike Cubeta
Trish DeBerry and The DeBerry Group
Camille and Lloyd Denton
Digitactics, Inc.
Julie and Kenny Dorbandt
Jeanie and Robert Dullnig
Elizabeth Dullye
Colette and Ty Edwards
The Gladys and Ralph Lazarus Foundation/The Lazarus Family Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation
Tracee and J.J. Feik
Kelly and Carl Fellbaum
Stacey and John Ferguson
David Fields
Nancy and Rob Finney
Beverly and Buddy Flannery
Ted and Katy Flato
Kelley and Pat Frost
Jessica and Raymond Gaidusek
Ravi and Juana Ganeshappa
Wendy and Eugene Garcia
Charlotte and Larry Garcia
Leslie and Elton George
Rebekah Gergen
Michael Piesman and Elizabeth Glazier
Carmen and Steve Goldberg
Lacie and Joe Gorder
Suzanne and Jimmy Goudge
Laurie Griepenkerl
Joe Groff
Danna and Jim Halff
Sue M. Hall
Jennie and Ben Hart
Mary A. Hart
Allison and James Hayne
Roxana and James Hayne
Mandy and Garrett Heath
Amy Hereford
Mary and Christian Herff
Karen and Ronald Herrmann
Joseph Hoffer
Carolyn Jackson
Curtis Johnson
Emily and Brad Jones
Musgrave Properties
Betty and Robert Kelso
Susan and John Kerr
Judy Kim and Fred Poordad
King Family Trust
Tom and Leslie Kingman
Leslia and William Kingman
Emily and Bart Kneip
Megan and Phil Knight-Sheen
Rebecca and Greg W. Kowalski
Rosemary Kowalski
Ellen and Dave Lake
Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry
Cheryl and Bruce Leslie
Paola and David Lloyd
Christina Lumbreras
Lyn and Pete Selig
The Lynch Foundation
Carlos Maestas
Claudia and John Malitz
Selina and Pat Maloney
Tracy and Mike Marlowe
Malu and Juan Martin
Abel Martinez
Ashley and Daniel Martinez
Chris R. Martinez
Gisel and Chris Martinez
Martha Martinez-Flores and Mike Flores
Matthews Family Foundation
Martha and Carlisle Maxwell
Kate and James McLachlan
Vicki and John McLaughlin
Molly and Craig McMahon
Sonali and Amit Mehta
Julia La Barba Miggins and Robert Miggins
Celina Montoya and Luke Girdley
Judith Morton
Syd and Gregg E. Muenster
Brenda and Shawn Mulvihill
Tracy and Shokare Nakpodia
Yolanda Techuanhuey and David Newby
Travis Nichols
Julia Norton-Keidel
Laura and Mike O’Donnell
Sharon O’Haver
Maria Olivarez
Alex H. Oliver
Dorothea C. Oppenheimer
L.D. Ormsby Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Eva and Greg Papay
Ann and Robert Parker
Gregory Parkhurst
Tarak Patel
Harriet and Dan Peavy
Emilie and Chris Petty
Mary and Alistair Philip
Georgina and Jay Podjenski
Megan and William Rooney
Carmen and Ernesto Rubio
Meg and Jack Salvadore
San Antonio Area Foundation
Chuck Schillaci
Jenny and Rick Schimpff
Becky and John Schmitt
Heather Schnelzer
Lisa and Kelly Sechler
Tara and Donnie Shaffer
Anna U. Shaw
Significance Foundation
Kirstin Silberschlag and Luke Bovenzi
Neriza and Eugene Simor
Gail and Bruce Smith
Kirsten and W. Stephen Smith
Annie and Ted Snider
Maria Arteaga and Genaro Solis
Amy Sondergeld
Kathy and Lionel Sosa
Teri and George Stieren
Linda and John Strieby
Daniel J. Sullivan Family Charitable Foundation
Amy and Ben Swaney
Sonia and Gabriel Tarango
DeVonne and Larry Tatum
Christine Ten Eyck
The RWM Foundation
Janet and Arthur Thompson
Sandra and Dale Tremblay
Julia and Mike Troy
Shannon and Jon R. Turner
V. H. McNutt Memorial Foundation, Inc
Julie and Damon Van Zandt
Tracy and Arnold Vardiman
SueAnn Wade-Crouse
Sara Stumberg Walker and Lawrence Walker
Dawn and Bruce Walker
Marjory and Fred Waterman
Ann B. Watson
AnaPaula and Mark Watson
Jeane and Bob Wehmeyer
Sybil Westmoreland
Jessica and Adam Wetherell
Whitehurst Foundation
Melissa Wiggans
Barbara Wood
Mary and Bob Worth
Edie and John Wright
Barbara Wulfe
Joan and Richey Wyatt
Sheila and Jerry York
Chica and John Younger
Rick Zarazinski
Louis and Kip Zbinden
Lynn and Thad W. Ziegler

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