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The DoSeum Café is Now Open!

The DoSeum Café is Now Open!

For those DoSeum guests in desperate need of refreshments, the DoSeum café is now open!  The café is catered by Page Barteau, who says the key word in describing her food is “fresh”. Barteau has catered in San Antonio for 20 years, beginning her catering business out of her home with a focus on fresh and homemade food. Of her partnership with the DoSeum, Barteau says, “I love San Antonio and when something special happens like this in [the city], I like to give to San Antonio and support them too.”

Barteau has catered a wide range of events in the city, from weddings to corporate events, and says she loves specialty projects, citing a Nigerian menu she just created the other week. For The DoSeum café, the focus is healthy, and kid and adult friendly. Barteau says, “Kids’ parents have been wanting them to eat healthy these days. And so we wanted to keep them happy and healthy. And it’s still going be good, just not bad for you.”

The menu includes such kid-friendly and savory items as grilled cheese or PB&J on Health Nut bread, compartment lunches with chicken salad and fresh fruit, and delicious mozzarella naan pizzas. While other fresh and satisfying items such as baby spinach salads with pulled chicken, goat cheese, and strawberries, and grilled turkey avocado sandwiches with fresh greens and chipotle aioli will serve as a satisfying meal for kids’ accompanying adults. Adults and kids alike can complement their meals with a refreshing tea, juice, or lavender lemonade, and can top their meal off with a hand decorated cookie or lemon bar. The menu includes these items and more, with a wide variety of snack, lunch, and beverage items.

The café is now open Monday through Saturday from 10-4, and on Sundays from 11-4. And all members can receive a 10% discount on meals with their membership card. So be sure to stop by for a quick refreshment during your visit!


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Posted by Miranda Clark at 10:12 PM
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