Thank Your Teacher with Educator’s Month at The DoSeum

Thank Your Teacher with Educator’s Month at The DoSeum

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, you know when the calendar turns to May, there’s a big change. As an educator, you become aware that many days in this month will be “lasts” with your students and that summer break is right around the corner. May signals relief, dread, nostalgia, joy, pride and many emotions in between. You’ve spent the past 9 months cultivating relationships, encouraging growth, working late, planning and, let’s be real, fighting all sorts of battles. To honor outstanding teachers and their many months of hard work, The DoSeum is offering free admission every weekend this momentous May during our Educator’s Month. 

The fact is teachers put a lot of themselves on the line.

Besides carrying out the very important work of instructing, many teachers go above and beyond for their students, often using their own resources to help students succeed. According to one Scholastic poll, the majority of teachers make big sacrifices for their classroom:

  • On average teachers spend $530 of their own money on items for classroom or student use with teachers in high-poverty schools spending nearly 40% more than other teachers.
  • 70% of teachers buy snacks for their students.
  • 26% of teachers buy clothing for their students. 

Senior Educator at The DoSeum, Gladys Hernández,was not surprised by these statistics. “Educators are those who selflessly work with our youth inspiring them to become the best versions of themselves as they provide spaces of joyful teaching and learning,” said Hernández, who was a classroom teacher herself. 

Through Educator’s Month, The DoSeum thanks teachers and encourages them to explore all that The DoSeum can offer. A free visit might inspire future lesson plans, and help teachers build their skills. Educators could find a whole new set of tools to put in their teacher tool belts, including:

  • The DoSeum STEM Teacher Cohortand related STEMtastic events, which enhance how instructors teach STEM
  • Back to School Bash for Educators, an opportunity to unwind and connect with other educators before the start of the new school year 
  • The DoSeum Professional Development series, workshops led by DoSeum staff to help educators grow in their respective fields
  • HEB Family Free Nights, where The DoSeum invites families to come visit for free
  • The DoSeum for Allprogram which covers expenses for Title 1 campuses to bring their students for a Field Experience

“[With these program] our goal is to truly be a convener for educators throughout the city and to create a space for collaboration and growth in educators’ practices so that when they return to their learning environments, they facilitate joyous spaces of interdisciplinary learning that are student driven,” said Hernández.

For example, math teachers might be inspired once they experience The DoSeum’s Spy Academy. This gallery invites students to role play a spy adventure and, rather secretly, engages them in mathematical concepts. By the time they have completed their mission and earned a Master Spy Badge, students may be shocked to realize that they’ve practiced problem solving. 

“[The Spy Academy] motivates educators to think about creative approaches to presenting assignments,” said Hernández.

There are countless other ways that teachers can incorporate The DoSeum into their curriculum. Students can connect with physical science concepts such as force, motion, and energy with the Innovation Station and Water Works gallery. Educators can also integrate the Imagine It! gallery and reading lab into their story building lessons. 

To take advantage of The DoSeum’s Educator’s Month promotion in May, teachers simply need to present their ID or other documentation at The DoSeum. This offer is available to all educators—from preschool and home school, as well.  

May also coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Month. Teachers can find great “thank you” deals online here.

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