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Take Home Activities: Mystery Bag Engineering Challenge!

Take Home Activities: Mystery Bag Engineering Challenge!

Looking at all of our campers this summer, we could not be more impressed with all of their camp crafting! In the past few weeks, we saw our campers in GlobeTrotters create their own landforms and a giant map of The DoSeum. PlanetSavers sought to teach others how to care for the environment by creating costumes for characters like "Mr. Coal" and "Extinction", and putting on an informative (and adorable) play. And campers in We're Going on a Bear Hunt created their own characters and settings in order to tell an original story.

We were so inspired by all of the amazing activities engaging campers that we decided to make one for parents and kiddos to do at home! The following activity is inspired by the campers in Engineering Challenge, who were challenged to build catapults, roller coasters, puzzles, and more. Enjoy continuing The DoSeum experience with the Mystery Bag Engineering Challenge, and keep on the lookout for more activities to come!

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Here are the steps to create your own mystery bag challenge:

1. Gather materials from around your house that could be used for a creative project. Some useful items include toilet paper/ paper towel rolls, large and small popsicle sticks, notecards, any type of tape, pool noodles, tin cans, yarn, miniature flower pots, etc.

2. Place your chosen materials into the mystery bag.

3. Design the objective and create an instruction sheet. For this example, we decided the objective would be to make a marble run. Other objectives could include: Make a roller coaster, design a tower, make a catapult, etc.

4. Encourage your children to use the Innovation Process: Have an idea, Design it, Build it, Test it, Improve it.

5. Enjoy the finished product!

Posted by Miranda Clark at 6:05 PM
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