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Summer Camp Highlights! Part II

Summer Camp Highlights! Part II

Summer is in full swing here at our summer camp offerings. Each of our camps connects to the DoSeum's exhibits, and instructors use exhibit content to inspire fun interactive activities to help kids learn. Check out the following summer camp highlights, and see if there are any activities you could recreate to keep learning going after visiting the DoSeum!

In Special Effects Camp, campers ages 4-6 explored different artistic mediums to make their own special effects. Throughout the week, campers have learned about color creation—mixing their own colors and watching the colors respond to the different lights of Sensation Studios, decorating and creating their own puppet theatres, and tie dying their own costumes. “I like the art”, camper Sophia said, while camper Mateo said his favorite part was mixing the colors and watching them glow. Here at the DoSeum, we love seeing young learners exploring their creativity!

                                IMG_5324       IMG_5327          IMG_5323

In Kurious Kids, kiddos conducted fun experiments that helped them understand basic science concepts such by seeing them demonstrated through fun experiments. Throughout the week, they conducted several experiments. They made parachutes out of coffee filters, spent two days watching their pet crickets and recording observations about their behavior--learning the importance of observation and how to observe well. They also made headphones out of hangers and string and listened to the vibrations on the headphones, which taught them about soundwaves and vibrations. On their final day, Kurious Kids created their own launchers out of a block and spoon, and then learned about the way force from the launchers acted upon items being launched: pull down the spoon, push the objects into the air.

IMG_7769   IMG_7767

In Lost and Found, campers explored the different exhibits, looking for commonalities and inspiring ideas in order to create art projects that used and combined different aspects of different exhibits. Campers noticed that many exhibits made use of shadow and created shadow puppets and put on shadow theaters. Campers were also inspired by the big map in Explore and the use of colors in Sensations Studio to create color-coded maps in primary colors. Other projects included creating their own shoebox puppet theaters sets and then, using magnets, campers created their own flea circuses that they used to perform original scripts. On their final day of camp, campers made their way upstairs to drop water balloons full of water and paint onto watercolor tablets and chalk drawings below, watching the colors react to the introduction of new materials. When asked what she liked about camp, camper Charlotte D. said, “That it’s all about art, and that we get to do fun things.”

IMG_7788  IMG_7777 IMG_7772   IMG_7776

Watercolor Stop Motion!

Posted by Miranda Clark at 10:24 PM
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