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Summer Camp Highlights! Part I

Summer Camp Highlights! Part I

Just because school is out, doesn’t mean kids have to stop learning. And just because kids are learning, doesn’t mean they can’t have fun! All summer long, the DoSeum is offering camps shaped around museum exhibits that challenge young learners to learn 21st century skills and apply them. Children ages 4-10 are having a blast engaged in meaningful play in incredible camps like Lego Camp, Maker’s Station, and Spy Academy where kids are learning how to solve problems, think creatively, and apply knowledge and skills both individually and as a team.

Now that we’re about halfway through our summer camp offerings, here are some highlights from camps thus far:

In Lego Master Builder Camp, campers were working together to build a Lego city, with each camper choosing a section of the city to build and develop—demonstrating their chops as little engineers and city planners. One little girl, Addison, happily discussed her plans to build the town’s first airport. Watching over her, one of her instructors, Dennis, spoke very seriously about the project, saying, “It’s a huge project and very important.” The sincere and supportive tone of the instructors certainly set the tone for the campers as well. When asked why she liked camp, Addison explained, “It’s good work for your brain because it’s challenging and you learn to work as a team”

        IMG_5278      IMG_5277

In Makers Station, young innovators learned how to create their own video games using the application Spark. Sitting in one of the upstairs classrooms, the room had the feeling of a lab, with brilliant little innovators fast at work creating their own devices, with an emphasis on using new ideas and designs. Throughout the course of the camp, the campers would make their own video games, video game controllers, and design their own original 3D print designs.

When asked why he chose the camp, Nick said, “Because the sign said they were going to be working on computers, and I like computers.” He added, “It’s fun that we make our own stuff and it’s about having fun. Most of the time we partner up.” Camper Andrew K. said of his time in camp, “It’s all about teamwork and we need to share ideas and talk about them. I like meeting new people.”

  IMG_5316  IMG_5314

During Week 3 of camps, the week ended for both Character Hats and Planes, Trains, and Molly the Trolley with a boat race in the Children’s River. Both camps created their own vessels out of foil, foam, and other supplies, and in Character Hats, some decided to really get into character by putting on foil hats and pretending to be pirates. “It’s a lot of putting them into the book,” said Alexis Martinez, Discovery Leader, describing the activities used by the swashbuckling bookworms. Campers also got to envision themselves in roles they could one day play in real life. Camper Emma said of her favorite activity, “Yesterday I did what do you want to be when you grow up. I want to be a teacher.” Whether role-playing or learning about different methods of transportation, all campers had a blast making manning their own vessels.

                             IMG_7659                                                  IMG_7649IMG_7653 IMG_7644 IMG_7642 IMG_7638 IMG_7634 IMG_7633

We couldn't be more impressed with all that our campers are accomplishing this summer. For more updates on what's happening in camp, keep checking our blog!

Posted by Miranda Clark at 10:22 PM
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