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Lemon Battery DIY


Lemon Battery DIY


The DoSeum’s Summer of Tech will give children the chance to experience the growing world of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in interactive and innovative ways. So, let’s take a moment to get back to the basics with a simple DIY project that previews how much more there is to come this summer. Learn how to make a working battery using only simple household objects and lemon.


Assemble a lemon, a penny, scissors, a galvanized nail, and a voltage tester.




Use the scissors to make a penny-size slit in the lemon.






Insert the penny into the lemon so that half is still poking out.






Insert the nail into the other side of the lemon so half is still poking out.






You have now constructed a battery with a current that is helped by the acid in the lemon.






Test out your creation with the voltage tester! How many volts your battery has!  6


Posted by Miranda Clark at 9:09 PM
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