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Heroes Everyday! Meet Our Heroes!

Heroes Everyday! Meet Our Heroes!

Thanks to everyone who came to Heroes Everyday, Saturday, June 25th. The day’s celebrations included crafts like hero mask making, a creative writing workshop where kiddos learned to write hero tales, and demos explaining the science of superpowers. We loved seeing our community gathered to celebrate the heroes who serve them under our roof, and everyone’s superhero costumes added an extra festive air to the occasion.

All day heroes commingled with costumed crusaders in our different exhibits, but if you didn't get a chance to chat, get the scoop on a few of our heroes below!


IMG_8162 Real-life Hero: David Herrera (left), member of the San Antonio Fire Department

Why he serves: I always knew I'd want to come back to San Antonio and serve.

Loves what he does because: We’re learning from each other, from the job, from the citizens of San Antonio. And we're part of an automatic brotherhood. 

                Favorite Superhero: Ironman.


 Real-life Hero: Carlos Ramos, 11 years in the United States Air Force, serving in security forces 

Why he serves: Ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be in law enforcement. When I was 15, I tried to join the marines. They told me to come back when I was old enough. Later, I joined the airforce in L.A.

Loves what he does because: We can go anywhere in the world. We get to work with other agencies, like the FBI. And the involvement with the community, a lot of human interactions.

Favorite Superhero: Superman. Even though he’s strong, he still has a weakness. It’s humbling to know that even a superhero has a weakness.  

IMG_8179Real-life hero: Noel Horvath, Surgical Coordinator at the San Antonio Humane Society

Why she serves: I’ve loved animals my whole life. There was a program in my high school where if your credits were high enough you could do a veterinary assitant program while you were in school. 

Loves her work because: The rewarding thing is that we get to see [the animals] come in hurt, and watch them go out for adoption and then go to a home. 

Favorite hero: My old vet in Florida. She would go out and take the time to vaccinate all of the homeless people’s animals. And anytime someone brought in hurt animals [who couldn’t afford it] she would fix them up free of charge.

Getting to spend time with these heroes and others was a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. Watch the video below to see David, Carlos, and Noel create stories in our exhibit, Imagine It! and come visit us at  the DoSeum to create stories of your own.

Posted by Miranda Clark at 9:57 PM
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