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Big News in Little Town!

Big News in Little Town! New Mayor Manages Minute Municipality

Little Town, the first exhibit hall to greet visitors on their way into the DoSeum, is a townscape for children as young as 6 months to engage in imaginative play.

The minute municipality includes the Little Town Veterinary Clinic, miniature Frost Bank, HEB market, Molly the Trolley, airport with plane, construction zone, and more. Fun props and interactive settings create a platform for small children to role play and invent their own adventures, using the settings of the Little Town exhibit to develop cognitive, social, and motor skills.

Little Town exhibits are a longtime favorite of attendees of the old San Antonio Children’s Museum, and of DoSeum guests. In response to the exhibit’s popularity, the petite precinct has elected its first government official, the Little Town Mayor. Visitors can spot the mayor at Little Town’s entrance, sporting a black top hat and golden sash. The position will be filled by DoSeum Discovery Leaders, and will serve to maintain safe play conditions for the small children who play in Little Town. Along with managing the minute municipality, the Mayor will greet visitors at the Little Town gates, managing visitor entrance and exits in order to regulate population growth and overcrowding. Population will be kept at a comfortable 120 visitors, so that those inside can enjoy Little Town’s exhibits fully and safely. Only children ages 5 and under will be permitted to enter; though siblings over the age of 5 accompanying small children may enter if able to play gently. The mayor's reign is off to a great start, and we are excited for this new improvement to play in Little Town!

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