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Art at the DoSeum: STEM integrates with Art!

Art at The DoSeum: STEM integrates with Art!

Now in The DoSeum lobby, San Antonio artist Reagan Johns is currently showing two pieces from his February show, “Enlightened Reincarnation Ltd.” that he selected because, “I thought [these two] fit really well with the lobby, with the lighting you already have [and] would complement the space.” The two pieces, “Lady Stardust” and “Space Oddity”, are light sculptures designed to resemble 1950s and 60s high modern design and are made from plywood and salvaged frosted plastic tubes from NASA Johnson Space Center.

Johns often repurposes salvaged materials in his artwork, especially materials with historical significance. Johns says of repurposing used materials for his art, “I guess, I more or less see the value in [the materials] and in not throwing them away."


"And being able to take something that people see as garbage and turn it into something beautiful, that’s a great thing.  It’s a great way to start something—you have something and you have to use it. It spurs the imagination and what you have to do with it.”


Previously, Johns worked with The DoSeum on our Grand Opening when his Rube Goldberg style sculpture performed the ribbon cutting ceremony. Johns works with children’s museums around North America and Mexico, and says of his work, “I think working with a children’s museum is a lot more meaningful [than work with some other museums]. And my work, like the Rube Goldberg or the Spirograph, works well with kids’ museums because it’s kid friendly and hands on.” The Spirograph is a piece Johns created for ArtPace two years ago, which would allow children to make their own large-scale spirograph drawings. Johns hopes to show this piece at The DoSeum later this year.

At The DoSeum, we strive to collaborate with local artists to create a space where artists can convene with one another and the community, and where kids can be exposed to art at an early age. Johns says of The DoSeum’s future role in San Antonio’s artists’ community, “I think it’s an ongoing experiment that just needs to keep going […], I think it’s almost up to artist themselves to figure out their way to be a part of the museum. Just get the idea into certain people’s mind and let it go from there.”


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Posted by Miranda Clark at 6:41 PM
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