The DoSeum seeks to partner with professional mid-career artists who revel in the challenges of creating socially engaged works of art that allow children and their families exposure to Contemporary Art. By interacting with the artist’s work, children will appreciate both artistic process and product permitting the experience to connect them, through the arts, with STEM and Literacy themes.

In particular, the 2018 Artist(s)-in-Residence will become key members of The DoSeum’s Tricentennial Team, and will contribute their work to our Summer 2018 Tricentennial exhibit. As the only museum poised to celebrate the 300 years of San Antonio with a forward look at the future, this exhibit will empower visitors to imagine their desired future, and then begin to practice the skills necessary to achieve their future. We are specifically looking for local and regional artists who are prepared to engage the public with experiences that help our guests reflect on what we all want for our future and what we can each contribute to building that future together.

Lots has been written about 21st Century skills-- that wide range of skills that we consider necessary for a happy and successful future. For the Tricentennial exhibit these skills have been pared down to include the following ones that we wish to engage our guests with. Potential artist(s)-in-residence and their work should respond to one or some of these skills: Problem solving, Maker-based and DIY approaches, Actions & Consequences, Forecasting, Decision Making, and Empathy.

Additional information that will aid in understanding what we have in store for our Tricentennial Exhibit are the following goals for the project. When visiting the exhibit, guests will:

  • Understand how problems are solved in many different ways over time.
  • Have imagined their vision of the future and seen this vision as important and relevant.
  • Have collaborated and communicated together to create the best possible future.
  • Have practiced the skills necessary to achieve their vision of the future.
  • Feel empowered that their vision of the future could happen.
  • Want to get involved with the city’s future through different organizations and civic participation.


Artists must meet these following requirements to be considered:

  • Open to visual and multidisciplinary artists.
  • Desire to work collaboratively with museum staff and public to create works that step away from traditional models.
  • Experience creating Social/Engagement participatory works of art.  
  • Local & Regional Mid-career professional artists are encouraged to apply.
  • Artists presently enrolled in post-secondary or graduate-level programs are encouraged to apply after completing studies.
  • Chosen Artists will need to pass a background check.
  • Artists must be prepared to work with the themes and skills being used in the Tricentennial exhibit

Artists with the above mentioned experience and that are interested in exploring and collaborating with the DoSeum on the 2018 Tricentennial Exhibit are encouraged to apply.

Winning Projects

The DoSeum’s arts committee and staff will convene to review and select from the received proposals with the possibility of artists having the opportunity to present personally in front of a convened committee. We encourage ambitious, yet realistic, project proposals that aim to engage children and their families in ways that fulfill the museum’s mission and vision as well as the Tricentennial exhibition standards and objectives. The DoSeum highly encourages projects with components that promote thoughtful public impact, including a significant outreach or interactive component. This could range from visits to local schools, workshops, public lectures, or other interactions that engage public participation and further involve the public in the artist’s creative process and final product.

The DoSeum will value the proposals by assessing feasibility, alignment with museum’s Mission, Exhibition Policy and Educational focus selecting up to two final projects. The selected Artist(s)-in-Residence will receive an honorarium of up to $6,000.00 and production costs of up to $10,000.00 to aid them in the execution of their project(s). Upon contractual agreement, the artist(s) will have the fall of 2017 and the spring 2018 for design, prototyping, and production. Winning Artist Residents will be showcased within the Tricentennial Exhibit slated for the summer and fall of 2018 in our travelling exhibit gallery.

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