Artist-in-Residence - The DoSeum



Since 2017, the DoSeum has partnered with professional mid-career artists who seek ways to challenge the young curious minds of San Antonio through their art and encourage them to engage with the exhibits through activities that provoke them to think outside of the box. The Artist-in-Residence exhibits provide children with the opportunity to interact with their work and appreciate the artistic process while still connecting themes of STEM and literacy.

2021 Artists-In-Residence



Kallie Cheves

Kallie Cheves is an artist and teacher who lives in Bulverde, Texas with her husband and two sons. She received her B.A. in Studio Art from Trinity University and her M.F.A. in Studio Art from UTSA. Cheves is an art teacher at Capt. Mark T. Voss Middle School. She has exhibited her artwork extensively in Texas, nationally, and in Cork, Ireland. Her art involves photographic installations that hold deep roots in surrealism. Cheves also writes and illustrates children’s picture books using hand-cut paper miniature creatures. She enjoys weaving science with myth and lore to encourage social-emotional conversations between children and their caregivers.

Emily Kinder

Emily Kinder is a local artist whose interest is in found art, both 3 diminsional sculptural pieces as well as 2 dimensional mixed media paintings. Her interest in miniatures began 10 years ago with the creation of Putz houses. She was intrigued by the concept of a tiny world of cardboard houses. From there a new creative world arose.



Daniel Rivera

Daniel Rivera grew up in the suburbs of Dallas and earned his BFA in Art History and later his MFA in Furniture Design from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. His work combines elements of sculpture and design to create narrative focused utilitarian objects to bridge the gap between craft and fine art. The conceptual furniture produced incorporates miniature dioramas within the body of the furniture to express stories that relate to environmental and societal issues relevant to the object produced and the events of the times. The focus of his work is to create miniature worlds that provide the viewer with a sense of amusement and exploration while expressing complex subjects rendered in a miniature scale.

Randall Rudd

Having once been an actual child himself, Randall Rudd has fostered his interest in all things mechanical and miniature since inventing a working phonograph with TinkerToys at age five. His career spans a broad range of experience in creative endeavors, from creating and directing thousands of broadcast projects and animating Mickey Mouse for Disney to creating theme park attractions and exhibits worldwide, culminating as Creative Director at Paramount Pictures. Aside from being a University professor, Rudd also delights in model railroading and creating automata (performing sculpture) for various museums.



Linda Vivenza

Originating from Michigan, Linda Vivenza received her Bachelor’s of Arts from William James College, west of Grand Rapids, Michigan and her Master’s in Clinical Psychology from John F. Kennedy University, Orinda, California.  She is now well settled in San Antonio, Texas since 1998. Vivenza began sharing small scale dollhouse scenarios with running humorous quotable narratives in 2013, primarily for development of large scale photos. Her life-like miniature displays capture interactions which move people together to share common, funny moments in real-life.

Robert Wurzbach

Robert Wurzbach is a local artist who has been creating art for over 40 years,specialising in large scale mixed media. His interest in miniatures began as a child watching his mother and Grandmother make small beautiful decorations and desserts for every season. His favorite was the decorative peek-a-boo sugar easter eggs. From that he always wanted to be visually creative.




Previous artist residents have been selected based on proposals that simultaneously challenge them to explore new facets of their own work while incorporating meaningful experiences for guests. 

2020 artist Sara Sudhoff's, The Reading Brain, ran in conjunction with the 2020 Summer exhibit, Beautiful Minds, and allowed families to be immersed in the inner workings of the reading brain through a multi-sensory, data driven interactive installation.

2019 artists Amada Miller proposed the exploration of space through the visceral and memorable experience of using all our senses, particularly smell, to explore her multimedia installation of the universe. Mark Menjivar invited guests on an ingenious proposal to spend time together in close observation of the world of birding with an installation that occupied the halls and connectors of The DoSeum.

Calder Kamin and Gregorio Mannino, Artists-in-Residence for 2018, created original installations that accompanied The DoSeum’s Dream Tomorrow Today Tricentennial exhibit. Focusing on the future, both artists engaged guests through workshops and interactive exhibit spaces that explored our present and future relationships with nature, consumption, and sustainability.

Richard Armendariz inaugurated our AIR program in 2017 with his Dream Keeper exhibit that challenged guests with culturally relevant character development through an installation, an animated video projection, and printmaking workshops.