Artist-in-Residence - The DoSeum



Since 2017, The DoSeum has partnered with professional mid-career artists who seek ways to challenge the young curious minds of San Antonio through their art and encourage them to engage with the exhibits through activities that provoke them to think outside of the box. The Artist-in-Residence exhibits provide children with the opportunity to interact with their work and appreciate the artistic process while connecting themes of STEM and literacy.

2022 Artist-In-Residence Winner: Christian Michel

Artist Bio: Christian Michel (a.k.a. Crisaseo) is a graphic designer from Mexico City with a focus on branding and packaging, inspired by incredible things from his childhood such as toys, posters, cards and graphics that always make him happy. For quite a while, he's been captivated with cool, mutated animals, especially the amazing monsters that live in his head. He thinks that monsters are fascinating things to create because there are no rules on how to draw them—there are days where he can go for hours and hours creating fantastic creatures. He hopes that at least one of these monsters can help younger artists start creating their own, through “Monster Mix and Match.”  



Previous artist residents have been selected based on proposals that simultaneously challenge them to explore new facets of their own work while incorporating meaningful experiences for guests. 

2021 artists Kallie Cheves, Daniel Rivera, Randall Rudd, Linda Vivenza, and Robert Wurzbach & Emily Kinder each created the fantastical and whimsical miniature worlds represented in our 2021 holiday exhibition, The DoSeum Express: Tiny Trains and Trolleys.  

2020 artist Sara Sudhoff's, The Reading Brain, ran in conjunction with the 2020 Summer exhibit, Beautiful Minds, and allowed families to be immersed in the inner workings of the reading brain through a multi-sensory, data driven interactive installation.

2019 artists Amada Miller proposed the exploration of space through the visceral and memorable experience of using all our senses, particularly smell, to explore her multimedia installation of the universe. Mark Menjivar invited guests on an ingenious proposal to spend time together in close observation of the world of birding with an installation that occupied the halls and connectors of The DoSeum.

Calder Kamin and Gregorio Mannino, Artists-in-Residence for 2018, created original installations that accompanied The DoSeum’s Dream Tomorrow Today Tricentennial exhibit. Focusing on the future, both artists engaged guests through workshops and interactive exhibit spaces that explored our present and future relationships with nature, consumption, and sustainability.

Richard Armendariz inaugurated our AIR program in 2017 with his Dream Keeper exhibit that challenged guests with culturally relevant character development through an installation, an animated video projection, and printmaking workshops.