The Dream Keeper (March - April 2017)

The Dream Keeper 

March - April 2017

The DoSeum is excited to announce the selection of its first ever Artist in Residence, local artist and UTSA professor Richard Armendariz. After a careful 4-month selection process, Armendariz was chosen for his unique and brand new proposal for The DoSeum this spring. Armendariz’s project brought to life visions of an instructive, fable-like narrative, grounded in the framework of an interactive childhood bedroom.Artist Ricky Armendariz poses in a Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014 portrait in front of one of his works on exhibit at Ruiz-Healy Art.

The DoSeum’s artist in residence serves to support the arts community by showcasing the work of artists annually to engage kids in socially-engaged community art pieces, while also providing art-centered educational opportunities. By showcasing his work at The DoSeum, Armendariz will serve an integral part of creating joyful learning experiences for San Antonio’s children.

Dream Keeper

Armendariz’s exhibition, Dream Keeper, ran from March to April of 2017.  For his installation, Armendariz created an oversized childhood bedroom tent through a sheet tunnel that will lead guests into a magical forest. Armendariz incorporated his carved, hand-crafted aesthetic to create a nostalgic, fable-like story through which guests can explore complex character-traits, learning about and accepting diverse characters.

A huge thank you to our sponsors: The San Antonio Area Foundation, The City of San Antonio Department for Arts & Culture, The Texas Commission on the Arts, and Alliance of Artists Communities.


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