Science Fiction, Science Future

Science Fiction, Science Future

October 7 - January 6


Take a quantum leap from the imaginings of sci-fi novels and movies into a parallel reality at Science Fiction, Science Future, The DoSeum’s latest traveling exhibit.

Practice using eye tracking devices, be mimicked by a robot, and strengthen your brain with mind control exercises. Discover wormhole time travel and 3D holograms. Become invisible, build your own cyborg, and teleport on our “beam me up”- style stage. This fun interactive exhibit will challenge your mind, ignite your curiosity, and take you on a journey through far-out scientific innovations.

Exhibit runs: October 7, 2017  through January 6, 2018

Exhibits Include:

  • Hey, That Robot’s Copying Me
  • Mind Control
  • Beam Me Up
  • Invisible Me
  • Augmented Reality Wristbands
  • Eye Control
  • Projection Ball
  • Design a Cyborg
  • Future Past
  • Medibioscan 3000
  • Choose Your Future
  • Draw Your Future
  • A Holographic Future
  • Wormholes Through Space
  • Our Quantum Future


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