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The DoSeum is a place where interactive fun and hands-on learning come together—a place where minds are always at play.  During your visit, our exhibits, programs, and classes will encourage young minds to explore the joy of learning through connections to STEM, the arts, and literacy, but curiosity and exploration don't have to end when you leave!

Explore our DIY Activities, Storytimes, and Questions from Kids that were created for you to DO at home and stay connected with your family while keeping minds at play in between your visits!

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Why Can We Sometimes See The Moon During The Day?

The Moon brings us light at night, affects the ocean's tides, and is visible almost every night, but why can we sometimes see the Moon during the day?  Dr. Richard will explore Cayden’s question in this week’s Ask A Doer!  Grab your space suit and join us before we blast off into space and answer: How come you can sometimes see the moon during the day?    Terms You’ve Learned: Diameter – The length of a straight line passing... Read More
at Thursday, April 16, 2020

DIY Ball Run

We are bringing a favorite DoSeum exhibit right into your home for this week’s DIY Activity — get ready to create your very own Ball Run!  This activity allows learners to explore simple machines, building materials, and how they can work together.  Ball runs can be simple or as complex as your child wants to make them! While building encourages them to think about common household products that can be repurposed for good ramps or... Read More
at Thursday, April 16, 2020

Free Audiobooks by Audible

Audible, an Amazon company, is helping to support kids find the joys in literature and reading while at home! The audiobook company launched Audible Stories, a free online streaming service where kids and teens can enjoy audiobooks for the duration this unique time at home.   "For as long as schools are closed, we're open."  Audible said.  Audible Stories features a wide variety of audiobooks for you and your family to enjoy from audiobooks for... Read More
at Thursday, April 16, 2020

Something Extraordinary

  Have you wished for something extraordinary?  Like the ability to fly? Or to have 100 dinosaur friends?  Journey with us into the pages of Something Extraordinary for this week's storytime! Something Extraordinary explores how the ordinary can be extraordinary!     See all Storytimes >  Read More
at Tuesday, April 14, 2020

How Does Hand Sanitizer Work?

In this week's Ask A DOer, Dr. Richard explores David's question, “How does hand sanitizer work?” Diving into the microenvironment of germs Dr. Richard explains what germs are, how hand sanitizer helps protect us from germs, and most importantly whether you  need  to wash your hands even if you use hand sanitizer. Buckle up as we journey to the very small world of germs!  Terms You've Learned:  Germs (n.) - A germ... Read More
at Friday, April 10, 2020

DIY Cascarones

Cascarones are no stranger to San Antonio celebrations often found at Fiesta, Easter, and even birthday parties!  These vibrant confetti-filled eggs are one of the best kinds of surprises you can spring on your friends and family.  However, the dying process can be quite the science egg-speriment since dye intensity can change in different solutions!  Are you ready to test out what type of dying solution will produce the most vibrant cascarón? Do you think... Read More
at Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Where Is Baby's Belly Button

For this week's storytime, we are jumping into the children's book  Where Is Baby's Belly Button.   Explore these vibrant pages with your kids and learn about body parts and their locations.    View All Story Times >  Read More
at Tuesday, April 7, 2020

What Color are Zebra Stripes?

This week's Ask A DOer question comes from Raina, 5, and she asked Dr. Richard an age-old question we have all wondered.  Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?  Join Dr. Richard as he explores zebras and what produces their stripe color! Terms you've learned: Mammal (n.) - A mammal is a warm-blooded animal that has a backbone, drinks their mom’s milk, and grows hair. Mammals first appeared on Earth more than 200 million years... Read More
at Friday, April 3, 2020

H-E-B Coloring Sheet

We DO things better when we work together!  We are so thankful for our friends at H-E-B, they've been a big partner to The DoSeum and a huge community supporter.  Please join us in showing them our appreciation by downloading our coloring sheet and sharing it with your community on your social media!  This is a great activity for you and your kids to do together — after all, we never outgrow a good coloring sheet!  Be sure to tag @TheDoSeum and @HEB... Read More
at Wednesday, April 1, 2020

DIY Catapults

Put your engineer hats on and let's build a catapult!  We're exploring how your kids can build a catapult from home while exploring concepts of gravity, energy, and design!  Will your kids make a big base or small base, long launching arm or short launching arm, use heavy or light building materials?  Each decision they make while building a catapult could affect the launch distance and height.   Here is what you will... Read More
at Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Little Roja Riding Hood

We're diving into the pages of Little Roja Riding Hood for this week's Storytime! The bilingual retelling of Little Red Riding Hood follows a familiar tale with new twists and turns while infusing accessible Spanish you can use every day! Read More
at Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Ask A Doer: Meet Dr. Richard

Ever wondered why birds of a feather flock together or why tigers have stripes?  Send us your child's science or nature-based question and we may feature them in our NEW video series, "Ask a Doer"!   Videos will be posted on our social channels and website.   To submit your child's question, follow the instructions below: Video submission:  Email us a video of your child's question along with their age and first... Read More
at Monday, March 30, 2020

Create a Comic Book

  Let kids' imagination guide the story as they create their comic!  This is an easy DIY activity where kids learn about story development, express their creativity, and sharpen fine motor skills.  To start this activity, download the comic book template, the digital version can be uploaded into most tablet drawing apps while the print version is formatted for printers.  Let kids use their favorite art supplies to crafting their comic. We... Read More
at Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The DoSeum CityLab App

Bring a part of The DoSeum home with you with The DoSeum: CityLab app! Kids and adults virtually build the city of their dreams using a variety of collectible tiles representing six core values — Arts & Culture, Community, Nature, Education, Transportation, and Health.  In the app, the CityLab tiles come to life revealing futuristic structures, buildings, and places. Children quickly learn which values their city needs as common city issues will present themselves. Only a... Read More
at Monday, March 23, 2020

What is Coronavirus?

  The DoSeum: Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring Coronavirus... Encourage your kids' curiosity by exploring facts and prevention methods of coronavirus with them! Who knows they may be a budding Virologist or Immunologist! ✒️ : Malaka Gharib at NPR Use the below links to continue the open and supportive discussion with your child about COVID-19. ... Read More
at Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Is Gratitude Key For a Happy Child?

Every child wants to be liked by their peers. Every parent wants their child to do well in school, have good manners, and be happy. Who would have thought that by teaching gratitude, you could do it all? Psychologist Jeffrey  Froh’s research,  as well as many other studies published in the past decade, show a rainbow of benefits for kids who develop a deep sense of gratitude. These benefits are tangible. “We know that grateful kids are happier [and] more satisfied... Read More
at Monday, November 12, 2018

Defeat Brain Drain This School Year

Do you ever feel ambushed moving through the technological minefield of the 21st century? For example, you open your computer to check your work email, and in another tab a Facebook message pops up from an old friend who you haven’t heard from in awhile. You send a quick hello in response. On your way back to your work email, you glance through your personal email and are reminded of a baby shower this weekend, and that sends you digging for one of those online-only Bed, Bath, &... Read More
at Tuesday, September 4, 2018

How-To-Do 3 Projects with Artist-in-Residence Calder Kamin

Recycling champion and DoSeum artist-in-residence Calder Kamin sees waste as creative treasure. In her world, discarded grocery bags breath new life as colorful flowers and animal friends. Ancient (ok, from the 90s) keyboards, phones, and CDs become jewels in a masterpiece. Take a walk through Calder’s electronic-studded Time Machine Tunnel on display now as a part of the Dream Tomorrow Today exhibit, and you’ll see new possibilities for single-use plastics. “Nature's... Read More
at Wednesday, August 1, 2018

12 Ways to Slip the Summer Slide

Summer camp, sleepovers, movies, friends, stargazing, swimming pools, road trips, video games, family: a few of the things that make summer special to children. Nearly no parent wants to add homework, study, or math practice to the mix. (Can you imagine what would’ve happened if one of the separated identical twins from The Parent Trap were forced to go to summer school instead of summer camp? Say good-bye to that sweet family reunion!) Yet this fall, many students will return to school... Read More
at Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Maker Fashion DIY

  Maker Fashion DIY DIY Project: Duct tape pouch with zipper   This week we’re taking a look at Maker Fashion Camp, a STEM-focused camp taught by Gladys Hernandez, one of our program educators. In this camp, kids utilize their skills and creativity to become a “maker”, someone who can take something from scratch and turn it into a product that can be used. Maker Fashion gives campers a chance to tap into their creativity and create pieces... Read More
at Wednesday, July 27, 2016
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