What Makes A Volcano Erupt?

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What Makes A Volcano Erupt?

Volcanoes help form new land masses and can be found all over the world, including Antarctica – but Janszen wants to know what makes a volcano erupt? In this week’s Ask A DOer Dr. Richard will travel into the different layers of the Earth to explain how volcanoes erupt and where the lava that you see comes from. 

Terms You’ve Learned:
  • Volcano - A volcano is an opening in Earth’s crust where hot gases and melted rock from deep within Earth find their way up to the surface.
  • Magma – hot molten rock that may flow slowly out of a volcanic fissure, or crack, in the ground, or it may explode suddenly into the air during a volcanic eruption. When this melted rock comes to the surface, it's called lava!
  • Inner Core – Inner most part of the Earth, made of solid iron
  • Outer Core – Layer of liquid iron found just outside the inner core 
  • Mantle – Layer of rock between the crust and outer core that makes up most of the Earth’s volume. 
  • Crust – The outer most layer of the Earth. 


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