The Remember Balloons

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The Remember Balloons

James has so many balloons! Each of them carries a special memory. Grandpa has a million balloons because he’s lived so long. James loves to hear about the stories in Grandpa’s balloons. But Grandpa has been having trouble holding onto his balloons lately. They start to float away, and James can’t catch them even though he tries. James discovers that he is now the one to share Grandpa’s stories.

After listening to The Remember Balloons read by author Jessie Oliveros,  it's time to create a family memory jar to share and keep all of your family's memories in one place!  This will be a fun activity to allow your kids to reflect on their favorite memories and bring them back to life asking each other, "Why did you pick this memory?" or "What is your favorite part of this memory?".  

To enter for a chance to win a signed copy of The Remember Balloons, post your Memory Jar activity on Instagram and tag @TheDoSeum.  Winner will be announced Monday, 6/1!

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Here's what you'll need to make memories in a Jar: 
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Writing Tools:  Pens, Pencils, Markers, etc. 
  • A place to store memories:  Jar, Box, Can, Basket, Bulletin Board, etc.
  • String
  • Tape
  • Decorating Craft supplies such as Ribbons, Stickers, Scrapbook Paper, etc.
Tips and Tricks: 
  • You can download balloon templates to write your memories on balloons. You can also create your own templates or cut paper into strips.
  • If you have small items that remind you of a memory, you can add it to the jar as well.  Example:  a button from grandpa’s old coat that brings back memories of grandpa in the holidays.  
  • Have fun decorating your memory jar! Be creative!


Ready to share your Memories In A Jar? Be sure to tag @TheDoSeum and use #DoSeumAtHome we love seeing all that you create!

Download Memories In A Jar Instructions
  • K - ELAR: 110.2 (K.1E) (K.2Cii) (K.6D-E) (K.7A)
  • 1st -  ELAR: 110.3 (1.1E) (1.2Ciii) (1.6E) (1.7A)
  • 2nd - ELAR: 110.4 (2.1E) (2.6E) (2.7A)
  • 3rd - ELAR: 110.5 (3.1E) (3.6E) (3.7A)
  • 4th -  ELAR: 110.6 (4.6E) (4.7A)
  • 5th - ELAR: 110.7 (5.6E) (5.7A)

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