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Take Home Activities: Children's Books & Crafts


Take Home Activities: Children's Books & Crafts

Children's literature offers much more than just what is written on the pages. Instead of putting the book down after turning the last page, consider a fun activity to do with your child that will be a great learning activity. For some fantastic reads and easy activities, we have come up with three ideas that will ensure you have a great time learning and discovering with your child.

Laura Numeroff’s If You Give a Mouse a Cookie is one we all know and love, but have you heard of If You Give a Moose a Muffin? This spin on a classic story will give you and your little one a new favorite book to read together while offering an opportunity to teach about the science and math of baking a delicious batch of muffins. Here are a few tips and tricks:

  1. Invite your child to help you bake his/her favorite kind of muffins to engage them in the activity.
  2. Check Bright Horizons for a list, according to age, of the steps that your children can do during your baking activity.
  3. Slowly follow the directions paying attention to key words and measurements. Some words to explain and clarify: add, mix, fold, sprinkle. Also, use this time as a great opportunity to teach about fractions.
  4. Encourage your little one to ask questions about things they do not understand.

Click, Clack Moo Cows That Type has grown popular with teachers and parents because it is a fun way to introduce the topic of letter writing. For a great activity, why not have your child write a letter back to Farmer Brown's cows? Here are a few tips for a successful letter:

  • Use a template to guide your child's letter and teach about the different parts like this one at The Teaching Resource Center.
  • Before writing, ask questions about what sort of things your child wants to know from the cows. Help brainstorm ideas for great content in your child's letter.
  • Things to look out for are good punctuation, appropriate grammar and proper placement of each part of the letter.

The beloved book Mouse Paint offers children a clear and concise way to understand colors and color creation. Here are a few activities to do with your child after reading this book to get your children exploring the wonderful world of color.

  • Teach color mixing with a water and food color experiment. Simply put a few drops of red, yellow and blue into three seperate glasses of water and start mixing!
  • Once he/she grasps the idea of color mixing, try the same idea with paint. Challenge your child to see how many shades he or she can make with only red, yellow and blue.
  • Consider creating a color mixing chart like this one at Elements of Art to remember all the beautiful shades of color your child created.
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