Maker Fashion DIY

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Maker Fashion DIY


Maker Fashion DIY

DIY Project: Duct tape pouch with zipper


This week we’re taking a look at Maker Fashion Camp, a STEM-focused camp taught by Gladys Hernandez, one of our program educators. In this camp, kids utilize their skills and creativity to become a “maker”, someone who can take something from scratch and turn it into a product that can be used.

Maker Fashion gives campers a chance to tap into their creativity and create pieces using only raw materials and a little direction and help from Gladys. “Kids really have the space and opportunity to assess the tools they have, assess the materials that they have, and then really have to think and be cognizant of what they’re going to design,” she said.

Over the week, campers have a chance to create three different projects including, a print tee, print bottoms, and a duct tape accessory. With each piece, campers will go through a process of designing and sketching, making, implementing, and improving. It is a process that Gladys says takes quite the personality, but teaches kids the value of never giving up.

What makes Maker Fashion unique is its organization. First, campers learn what characteristics makes a good maker and assess their own style is as well as the style of a DoSeum staff member who will serve as the camper’s “client”.  With this information in hand, campers will begin putting together their portfolio, complete with sketches of their designs, which they can refer to throughout the week. Kids will be designing and making their own individual projects, but with the improvement stage comes a lot of collaboration because of the inspiration and feedback campers provide one another.

By starting with a structure and then moving toward more independent works, Gladys hopes she can instill “Maker values” in her students, which can only be taught through trial and error. “When you’re doing projects like these, kids get frustrated.” Gladys said. “I think it not only builds design skills, but also character skills. You have to be patient, you have to have that perseverance.” It is this (sometimes) never ending process that defines the Maker Movement and will help create a new generation of makers and engineers.

Become a part of maker culture today by creating your own duct tape pouch, perfect for pencils, crayons, or other knickknacks. We encourage you to create your own designs and use your creativity to come up with any add-ons you want. For example, a pocket inside your pouch for cards. As always, adult supervision is required.


Step 1: Gather materials. Zippers and duct tape can be found at your local craft store. You may also need scissors to cut large pieces of Duct tape.

Step 2: First, make sure your zipper is facing left. Then, cut two one inch pieces of duct tape and secure on each side of the zipper.

Step 3: Cut one strip of duct tape that is about 9 inches long and attach it to one side of your zipper.

Step 4: Keep adding strips on this side until it reaches 4 in. from the edge of your zipper. (Ours turned out to be about 4¼ in., but that's okay because you can fix it later if you want to.

Step 5: Repeat on the opposite side.

Step 6: Flip your soon-to-be pencil pouch over and measure out two more pieces of 1 in.-sized duct tape and place it on the edges of this back side too. Add more tape to cover the back and create the inside of your pouch.

Step 7: Trim the edges of the pouch so that the edges are clean and both the top and bottom are an equal distance from the zipper.

Step 8: Flip your pouch over so you're looking at the inside. Cut a 9 in. piece of duct tape and tape half of it to the bottom of your pouch, leaving the other half of the tape exposed. Make sure you're taping it to the inside of your pouch!

Step 9: Fold the tape up so that the sticky side can be taped to the other side of the pouch, like so. 

Step 10: Cut one piece of 9 in. tape and slice it in half length-wise with your X-Acto knife.

Step 11: Take one strip and place half of it on the bottom of the pouch and fold the other half up. Trim the edges if needed.

Step 12: Cut your second strip into two and stick them on the sides of the pouch just like you did to the bottom. Trim if needed.

Step 13: Trim any edges that need to be cut cleaner and enjoy your new pencil pouch!

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