I Am Poem

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I Am Poem


Poems come in many different styles, lengths, and rhyme schemes – some poems don’t rhyme at all! Join us for a special DIY Activity where performance poet and Outside The Lunchbox Luncheon keynote speaker, LeDerick Horne, will guide you through how to write an I Am Poem!  This type of poem will be as unique as the poet who writes it and will allow children to explore and express who they are and describe when they see, hear, and wonder about in the world around them!  

To learn more about LeDerick or to purchase tickets for this year’s Outside The Lunchbox Luncheon @Home on October 6th, visit the Outside The Lunchbox page.

Building Tips & Tricks: 

  • Encourage your child to complete the form poem any way that they like. There is no wrong answer. “I am five.” “I am tall.” “I am amazing!” This poem is theirs.
  • It can be rewarding to create an I AM poem for you, alongside your child!

Ready to share your I Am Poem? 
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Download I Am Poem Form
Download I Am Poem Instructions



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