DIY Sock-topus

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DIY Sock-topus


For this DIY, we’re making a Sock-topus!  This art-based DIY allows your kids to express themselves as they design and create a unique sock-topus and discover ways to recycle household items.  Once their one-of-a-kind sock-topus is complete they can embark on hours of imaginative play in deep sea adventures, developing story-making skills and supporting language development.

What You’ll Need:

  • One Sock (crew length)

  • Poly-fill or cotton filling

  • Zip Tie (one per sock-topus)

  • Glue

  • Marker

  • Scissors

  • Optional: Googly Eyes, Ribbons, and Other Materials to Decorate our Sock-topus


Building Tips and Tricks:

Fun is the name of the game, and your sock-topus is YOURS to create. Is your sock-topus happy or grumpy, silly or serious? Does it dance or sing? Perhaps it is old and wise, having lived a life of many deep-sea adventures. There is no wrong answer; let your creativity and imagination rule!

Ready to share what you build with your Sock-topus? Be sure to tag @TheDoSeum and use #DoSeumAtHome we love seeing all that you create!


Download Sock-topus Instructions 

Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines:

I.A.4     I.B.2.a     I.B.2.b     I.B.3.b     I.C.1     II.A.1     II.A.2     II.D.1     II.D.5     V.A.1    V.A.1      V.A.5       V.A.8    

V.C.1    V.C.2      V.D.2       VI.A.1     VI.B.1   VI.B.3    VIII.A.I    VIII.A.2    VIII.C.1 

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