DIY Marshmallow and Toothpick Bridge

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DIY Marshmallow and Toothpick Bridge

What is a bridge? Why are triangles the strongest shape? Why do so many bridges look alike? Explore these and other questions while working together to build your own bridge out of toothpicks and mini marshmallows! Challenge yourselves to make the tallest, longest, widest, or strongest bridge. Become an engineer and design your bridge before you start building it. Perform multiple tests and improve your design. Just be sure not to eat all of your marshmallows before you’re done!

What You’ll Need:
  • Stale Mini-Marshmallows (about 50 per bridge)
  • Round Toothpicks
  • Spaghetti-Style Pasta
  • Cardstock, Construction Paper, or Cardboard (the road for the bridge)
  • Paper or Journal, and Pencils
  • Testing Materials: Small Toy Car, Weights (e.g., coins, nuts, and washers, etc.), Towers (e.g., two stacks of books)
Building Tips and Tricks
  • As the caregiver, stay as hands-off as you can throughout the project. Let the children try, fail, and succeed on their own merit.
  • Refrain from offering your opinions on their bridge. Instead, ask children to make observations about their bridge and its performance.
  • Remind children that if they eat their marshmallows, they’ll have fewer materials for building. While it’s generally not recommended to eat while making, it may be a good idea to have something to snack on during this project, simply as a preventative measure.


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  • 1st: 110.3.b.1, 110.b.3 111.3.b.1.B, 111.3.b.7.A, 112.12.b.1, 112.12.b.2.A-C, 112.12.b.3.B
  • 2nd: 110.4.b.1, 110.4.b.3, 111.4.b.1.B, 111.4.b.8.E, 111.4.b.9.A, 111.4.b.9.E, 112.13.b.1, 112.13.b.3.A, 112.12.b.3.A-B
  • 3rd: 110.5.b.1, 110.5.b.1.A, 110.5.b.3, 111.5.b.1.B, 111.5.b.6.A, 112.14.b.1, 112.14.b.2.A
  • 4th: 110.6.b.1, 110.6.b.3, 110.6.b.13.A, 111.6.b.1.B, 111.6.b.6.A, 112.15.b.1, 112.15.b.2.A, 112.15.b.3
  • 5th: 110.7.b.1-3, 111.7.b.1.B, 112.16.b.1, 112.16.b.2.D

For more information on TEKS that were applied to this activity, please visit the TEA website.   

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