American Flag Collaging with Michael Albert

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American Flag Collaging with Michael Albert


Collaging may seem easy, but can take a lifetime to master.  In this special DO It At Home DIY, American Pop Artist, Michael Albert guides you through creating an American Flag collage just in time to celebrate the July 4th!  His collage style turns familiar household items like cereal boxes, candy wrappers, and office supply packaging into unique works of art. Grab your favorite red, white, and blue items and join us for this one of a kind DIY!   

About the Artist:

Michael Albert is an artist with a national following and a singular strong pop art style that embodies his joy for the creative process.  His artwork, publications, and workshops embody the joys of sitting down and making something using the simplest of materials.

Learn more about An Artist’s America by Michael Albert

What You'll Need: 
  • Scissors
  • White School Glue
  • Colorful cereal boxes (or other cardboard boxes from around the kitchen and house
  • Optional: consider a table covering for easy cleanup and an old paint brush to apply the glue
Building Tips & Ticks
  • Covering the table to prevent glue spillage is always a great idea. Use a big sheet of cardboard or a painter’s drop cloth.
  • Use a paintbrush, your finger, or the point of your glue bottle to spread the glue on the pieces not the base.
  • There are plenty of variations on this collage activity. For example;  Re-writing words, inventing designs or copying styles seen on the boxes. Whether you are mimicking or creating new ideas you are practicing great observational and compositional skills.
  • Don’t forget Michael’s instructions: “No gluing until you know what you are doing!”


Ready to share your American Flag Collage? Be sure to tag @TheDoSeum and use #DoSeumAtHome we love seeing all that you create!

Download American Flag Collage Instructions

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