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The DoSeum is a place where interactive fun and hands-on learning come together—a place where minds are always at play.  During your visit, our exhibits, programs, and classes will encourage young minds to explore the joy of learning through connections to STEM, the arts, and literacy, but curiosity and exploration don't have to end when you leave!

Explore our DIY Activities, Storytimes, and Questions from Kids that were created for you to DO at home and stay connected with your family while keeping minds at play in between your visits!

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Category: Ask A DOer

What Color are Zebra Stripes?

This week's Ask A DOer question comes from Raina, 5, and she asked Dr. Richard an age-old question we have all wondered.  Are zebras black with white stripes or white with black stripes?  Join Dr. Richard as he explores zebras and what produces their stripe color! Terms you've learned: Mammal (n.) - A mammal is a warm-blooded animal that has a backbone, drinks their mom’s milk, and grows hair. Mammals first appeared on Earth more than 200 million years... Read More
at Friday, April 3, 2020

Ask A Doer: Meet Dr. Richard

Ever wondered why birds of a feather flock together or why tigers have stripes?  Send us your child's science or nature-based question and we may feature them in our NEW video series, "Ask a Doer"!   Videos will be posted on our social channels and website.   To submit your child's question, follow the instructions below: Video submission:  Email us a video of your child's question along with their age and first... Read More
at Monday, March 30, 2020

What is Coronavirus?

  The DoSeum: Just for Kids: A Comic Exploring Coronavirus... Encourage your kids' curiosity by exploring facts and prevention methods of coronavirus with them! Who knows they may be a budding Virologist or Immunologist! ✒️ : Malaka Gharib at NPR Use the below links to continue the open and supportive discussion with your child about COVID-19. ... Read More
at Wednesday, March 18, 2020

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