June 3 – September 5


Make sure your robots are properly oiled and your computers are fully programmed because Summer 2017 is going to be the Summer of Tech at The DoSeum! All summer long, we will provide camps, programs, and special events for children to explore the continuously-expanding technological landscape and to think critically about how they can use technology to have a positive impact on their communities.


The DoSeum will partner with local innovators to create digiPlaySpace, an exhibit that exposes children to a variety of engaging, interactive, and fun technological experiences. Visitors can race through a virtual world, create a large-scale painting with their movements alone, pop n’ lock with stop-motion animation, and become techie trailblazers in our maker space. Kids will have the chance to interact with and learn about exciting new technologies while having a blast at the Do!

Turn away from the past and look the future of San Antonio’s technological innovators.


In addition to the exhibit, The DoSeum will host on-site programs such as summer camps, Maker workshops, and Tech Fairs.  We will also host and participate in outreach programming where kids will engage with a variety of technologies in the community.

  • Summer Camps: This summer, The DoSeum will offer special tech-themed camps based on their Summer of Tech initiative, where kids will become tech wizards and explore The DoSeum’s DigiPlayscape summer exhibit. Summer camps at The DoSeum run from June 5th to August 25th, and each camp runs for five days. The DoSeum offers camps for kids ages 3-10years old. To receive more info, sign up for our e-news at
  • Tech Fair: Future Now: The DoSeum will host a Tech Fair on August 12th, inviting our local technology partners to showcase their innovations and designs in a fun and interactive space. Kids in attendance will be exposed to critical pieces of tech that are already shaping their future. Children who participated in the Kids Coding Challenge and certain Summer Camps will be invited to showcase their accomplishments in a design charrette, as well!
  • Kids Coding Challenge: The DoSeum is uniquely positioned to present the building blocks of coding and technology to children in San Antonio. During the Summer of Tech, The DoSeum will work with local partners, including Youth Code Jam, to create a coding challenge for local children. The challenge will be organized around five tracks: mobile apps, multimedia, game design, website design, and robotics. Each track will be divided between beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
  • Computer Help Lab: The DoSeum’s Spy Training Room will be transformed into an in-house Computer Help Lab where children can sign up for the Coding Challenge, receive assistance with challenges, and interact with experts in the tech field.
  • Parents Lecture Series in Technology Safety: The DoSeum will present a lecture series to help parents make informed decisions about technology and their children. These lectures will cover topics including online safety, screen time for kids, cyber bullying, and being savvy consumers of digital content.