ReDo Recess

Grown-ups, here’s your chance to redo recess at The DoSeum, San Antonio’s Museum for Kids.

Healthy You!

Healthy You! Saturday, September 26 | 11am Get ready to get moving and get healthy! Staff, volunteers and partners will provide activities that teach about healthy eating, exercise and preventative habits. Partners inform families about health issues and services. A healthy you is a you that can DO!  

Create It! Convention

Pablo Picasso said, “All children are artists.” Bring your budding artists to celebrate and encourage their imagination and creativity. They will experience creative adventures in visual art, music and theater. Immerse and delight your whole family’s senses in the arts and become part of the art. You are the masterpiece!

Where Rivers Meet

A performance and education project that brings together the international and the local, with Japanese theatre arts as the primary source of inspiration. With support from the Department of Culture and Creative Development, The DoSeum will host local and international artists whose work will be featured in the theatrical performance Where Rivers Meet. Movement artist […]

Come Fly With Us

November is Aviation History Month, and since 1910 San Antonio has been known as a city of aviation innovation. Fly over to The DoSeum to find fun in the friendly skies. Engineer your own flying machine and test it out, pretend to pilot a passenger plane to parts unknown, or test your paper airplane building […]

Inventor’s Workshop

Our new bi-annual public program in which high school, university and college students, and STEM industry professionals create hands on activities designed to engage kids in STEM topics. Of particular note is San Antonio College’s freshman engineering class, which engineers and designs prototypes of toys that explore physics concepts.

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