The DoSeum opens June 6, 2015!

The DoSeum’s Programs and Events

As an organization committed to fostering a lifelong love of learning among children, The DoSeum will offer a diverse array of programs for children ages 0-10, from enrollment programs like camps and a preschool, to exciting, educational, interactive public programs that will include monthly “deep-dives”, community-based programs and special events.

The DoSeum Camps

The DoSeum summer camps will offer kids ages 3-10 enriching learning opportunities with themes that tie to our 6 major exhibit halls. From STEM to Legos to storytelling, arts and social studies, kids can keep learning in a fun environment all summer long! All camps include daily time in our outdoor exhibit yards to explore, climb, and run amongst a tree house, climbing structure, Eco Pond and other interactive exhibits.

Little Doers

The Little Doers is a nurturing, intentional learning environment that allows preschool aged children an opportunity to learn through play at The DoSeum on a weekly basis. For more information about enrollment, call Tabbetha Greco at (210) 212-4453 ext. 2254. Check back for open house dates and information.

Community-Based Programs

The DoSeum also will be a hub, connector and incubator for new ideas in childhood learning and will be deeply engaged in serving the greater San Antonio community with our unique brand of hands-on educational activities. The DoSeum plans to participate in community fairs and other events, and will engage in outreach to local schools and community centers.

Special Events

As an aspect of our intent to foster lifelong learning, The DoSeum will be proud to present special event public programs that extend the content of our exhibits, feature activities presented by our community partners, and celebrate everything from traditional holidays like Valentine’s Day to unique themes like Pi Day.

Monthly Deep-Dives

Every month, The DoSeum’s partners and staff will facilitate engaging deep-dive showcases in various subjects, including STEM-based workshops, writing marathons, art and creativity showcases, and STEAM-powered super workshops that blend science and art, engaging kids in discovery and creativity.