Past Exhibits

Beyond Rubik’s

March-May 2016

Beyond Rubik’s Cube celebrates the world’s bestselling puzzle toy. The multimillion-dollar exhibition invites audiences to examine why a small puzzle became, and remains, a phenomenon that resonates with a global audience and connects to fields across the spectrum of human creativity. The three exhibition zones, Play, Invent, and Inspire, offer access points for guests of all ages, backgrounds, and interests as they showcase the art, invention, and scientific exploration that have sprung from Ernő Rubik’s timeless invention.

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June-August, 2016

Complementing and reinforcing the concepts of Mathletics, kids can combat summer learning loss by participating in the Mathletics Summer Challenge. The Mathletics Summer challenge is divided into five categories, with each category containing four challenges to be completed at home, in your neighborhood, around the city, and at The DoSeum. For each category completed, k ids will receive a special medal. Once all categories have been completed, kids are invited to participate in the D’Olympics on August 13th, and are entered to win a birthday party at The DoSeum. img_0455 img_0478 img_0457