The DoSeum opens June 6, 2015!

Make plans to explore unique, interactive exhibits you won’t find anywhere else in the U.S.!

Big Outdoors

Imagine 39,000 square feet of interactive outdoor space zoned by age, activity and noise level. That’s the Big Outdoors. One area will be an active “noisy” zone with a series of gross motor skills exhibits that encourage exploring, climbing, crawling and running, as well as a water works complex that will demonstrate the amazing power of water. The area will also feature a re-imagined bubble area and a 30-foot-high German climbing structure. The other outdoor area will be a “quiet” zone, and at its heart will be the Children’s River, a five-foot-wide, three-inch-deep waterway specifically designed for young children and unique to The DoSeum. Stepping-stones, sluice gates, wood bridges and shaded paths will traverse and surround the river. This scenic area will also include a wheelchair-accessible tree house, a 100-year-old oak tree perfect for story-making under its majestic canopy, a sandscape and an Eco viewing pond. The spaces of the Big Outdoors will connect directly to indoor exhibits.

Sensations Studio

Exploring physics with light and sound helps children understand what they see and hear around them daily. Sensations Studio will be a convergence of art and science—an art ‘n’ science jam session—where children will use everyday tools and objects to observe light and sound phenomena, play with light and mirrors and experiment with color.


Children learn about their communities, their environments and the world through exploration. With maps, models and shifting scales, eXplore will encourage children to sharpen their 21st-century discovery skills by exploring the man-made physical aspects of their lives in San Antonio, learning how we live and work together and connecting to other parts of the globe. In eXplore, collaboration and interaction among visitors strengthen critical thinking and problem solving.

Little Town

A role-play townscape for children as young as six months, Little Town will provide opportunities for exploration and observation while supporting parent-child interactions. Children will build real-work connections, improve motor skills and practice social skills and sharing. Little Town also will be home to some of the most beloved exhibits from the San Antonio Children’s Museum, refurbished and re-imagined for the new facility.

Innovation Station

Innovation starts with tinkering. From blocks and balls to simple machines, Innovation Station will give children the space — physically and mentally — to imagine, create and build. The focus will be on the process, not the product. Children will be encouraged to evaluate, try, fail, re-evaluate and try again. Innovation Station will appeal to multiple types of intelligences and will eschew lengthy instructions for more intuitive learning.

Spy Academy

Children will use mathematical skills in this exhibit where “recruits” solve their way through covert missions to become spies or even master spies. They will make and break codes, use their powers of logic and deductive reasoning, and use their spatial and geometry skills to prepare for assignments and help fellow spies out of sticky situations. Spy Academy will engage children mentally and physically, encourage trial and error, and demonstrate how to use problem-solving skills.

Imagine It!

By encouraging children to use their imaginations as an expressive and creative-thinking tool, Imagine It! will unleash their story-making skills and support language development — both oral and aural. Imagine It! will address the multiple pathways to story-making, with “try-on” characters, environment-based scenarios, and connections to the written word. These skills will help foster a love of reading and writing for the next generation.