Beyond Rubik’s Cube: The DoSeum is the Only Stop in Texas!

Opening at The DoSeum on Saturday, March 12th at noon as The DoSeum’s first ever special exhibit, Beyond Rubik’s Cube is the new exhibit that celebrates the world’s most enduring puzzle in an entertaining, interactive setting. Solve, play, and have fun, all in the ultimate hands-on exhibit.

Beyond Rubik’s Cube celebrates the world’s bestselling puzzle toy. The multimillion-dollar exhibition invites audiences to examine why a small puzzle became, and remains, a phenomenon that resonates with a global audience and connects to fields across the spectrum of human creativity. The three exhibition zones, Play, Invent, and Inspire, offer access points for guests of all ages, backgrounds, and interests as they showcase the art, invention, and scientific exploration that have sprung from Ernő Rubik’s timeless invention.



  • A Puzzle Bar features dozens of classic, hands-on puzzles like Towers of Hanoi, Pigs in Clover, and Tangrams.
  • Cube Prototype invites guests to explore the complex geometry behind the Rubik’s Cube by arranging 3D shapes and inventing their own puzzles.
  • Tessellation Maker is a visually stunning interactive table that allows guests to work with others to create patterns across a digital screen.


  • The Solve Bar gives animated instructions for solving the Cube, for beginners through experts, and challenges guests to try to beat the times logged by record speedcubers.
  • At Robot Command, guests learn to program a robot to run a maze.
  • Young visitors and their grownups work together on Cube Match, a game of colored building blocks with endless combinations.


  • Guests can see how the Cube inspires them artistically by composing their own haiku using the Haikube; engineering a musical masterpiece in Cube Symphony; and contributing to the giant Collaborative Mosiac made of entirely of Rubik’s Cubes.
  • Engineering buffs should not miss the Giant Working Cube, which, at 10 feet high, lets visitors see the internal mechanism that makes the Cube work.
  • A Cube-solving robot solves guests’ scrambled Cubes at Robot Race.
  • Twisty Puzzle Design brings people together at a multi-touch digital table to design and test puzzles of their own with other guests.
  • Fans of pop culture need to check out Cube Culture, a video installation that highlights the many films and television shows where the Cube has been featured, from Wall-E to “Saturday Night Live”.

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